How to unlock free Warzone Monsterverse calling cards

After weeks of tea, season 3 of Warzone is on its way. As players begin to explore the changes on the Caldera map and become familiar with the new weapons and armor, many look forward to the impending arrival of Godzilla and King as part of the Operation Monarch event.

Before the time-limited mode arrives on May 11, players can win some Sample verse calling card to add to its ever-growing collection of cosmetics. All players can unlock Calling Cards and it’s an incredibly simple process.

Unlike many Warzone cosmetics, you do not have to buy anything in the game store, but if you want to add some Godzilla and King Operator epic masks to your inventory, you will need some COD points. Here it is, discover how to unlock Warzone Monster Verse Calling Cards in this handy guide that contains all the details.

How to unlock Warzone Monsterverse calling cards

To unlock calling cards, players must visit the Monsterverse website. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do.

  • Direct to
  • Enter your email address and click subscribe.
  • When you are done, you will receive a confirmation email.

At the time of writing (April 29), you can not get a preview of the cards called in the game, which means you have to wait until they are published. With Operation Monarch starting on May 11, there are many opportunities that will arise when the event begins a few days before.

As soon as we find out when the calling cards appear, we will update the guide on how to equip them in your Warzone profile.

What are Mosterverse calling cards?

So far, we do not know how the Monster Verse calling cards came about, but given that they are centered on the arrival of Godzilla and King, we expect to present the two monsters and some sort of action-packed background.

While we wait to see Calling Cards, here are the names of the three available:

  • Godzilla team
  • monarch hold
  • team kong

Once cosmetics have been claimed, all that needs to be done is wait for Godzilla and King to bring it to the Caldera. Raven Software creative director Ted Timmins says the event will feature many Easter Eggs themes referring to the movies. In addition, players can control the two monsters and can find a Monarch Stream device.

That’s all there is to know about Warzone Monster Verse Calling Cards and how to unlock them for use in Battle Royale. For more information, see our page for the latest news, filters and loading guides.

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