How to transfer NFT from OpenSea to MetaMask

We know that MetaMask accepts NFT, but it is desirable to transfer NFT from OpenSea to MetaMaskHow can you do that?

If OpenSea has become one of the most important NFT markets for buying your NFT, it is important to know how to transfer your NFT from OpenSea to other cryptographic billboards. This is mainly done for better storage and security of the acquired virtual assets.

Many recommend MetaMask as one of the best cryptographic billboards that counts with simple security measures and storage facilities when it comes to security for virtual activities. However, a phishing attack left users intending to disconnect MetaMask from OpenSea. Let’s take a look at how users can transfer their OpenSea NFT to MetaMask.

Here are some simple steps through which users can transfer their OpenSea NFT to MetaMask.

  • Go to your OpenSea account and click on the NFT you want to transfer
  • Click the send option.
  • Enter the address of your MetaMask ticket.
  • Pay the transaction price to start the transfer.
  • Check your ticket to see if you have received NFT. Alternatively, you can verify that the transaction has been completed through Etherscan.

To determine the number of scams or phishing attacks related to NFT and MetaMask, it is recommended that this be done only directly through the official sites of OpenSea and MetaMask. As such, many regulars in the space mark these sites to speed up the process.

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Received NFTs are stored in MetaMask in a folder called “Collectibles”. To view received NFTs, a user must:

  • Find the NFT address and copy the found address.
  • Go to MetaMask mobile, click to add NFT and select Selectable> Add collectible
  • Enter the NFT address and collectible item identification to see your received NFT.

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