How to switch from wearing and wearing more clothes

This may not be the biggest role-playing game in terms of size, but it still allows for personalization of the character in terms of looks. If you are asking how to change Ann’s mode, we have the information. Here it is how to change clothes and get more clothes in ANNO: Mutationem.

Change clothes and get more clothes in ANNO: MUtationem

Ann will start the game with two main elements: her sports suit and combat suit. It will automatically switch between these, depending on whether there is danger or not at the moment.

If you want to customize Ann’s casual moments, you can logically change the events in any room that makes sense. These include Ann’s department, her apartment in her home in Margarita, and the clothing store in Noctis City.

years of change of clothes

You can expand Ann’s wardrobe by buying new clothes at the Noctis City clothing store after completing the mission by receiving a new dress thanks to Ayane.

Without restrictions, this store works a little differently than others. Instead of using the normal currency, you will need to swap the Cyber ​​Neko collectors found along the length of the game to get what you want.

That’s all you need to know about how to change clothes and get more clothes in ANNO: Muationem. Be sure to consult dlprivateserver along with related articles in the future to find out more about our game coverage if you would like more information.

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