how to start, todos los cambios y qué se transferiere, nivel máximo de NG +

New Game Plus se has converted an elemento basic en los juegos de role AAA, you allow en los juegos experience el juego nuevamente, but con algunos cambios para ayudar aumentar el defiance y maintenance las cosas freshas. The ultimate game edition of FromSoftware, Elden Ring, is no different, you can receive a mature New Game Plus that is sure to be a veteran of Soulsborne.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock and start New Game Plus, what changes make things more difficult, what progress from the previous games carry over and what is the maximum game ‘NG +’.

Unlock and launch Elden Ring New Game Plus

To unblock New Game Plus, simply have a superior game history.

Después de que se acumulan los credits, puede cargar su archivo guardado y continuar explorando The Lands Between si lo desea. Sin embargo, en este pointo, también commensar su viaje New Game Plus en cualquier momento. For this, interact with any Sitio de Gracia and select the option to restart your adventure.

This system works in a way similar to Dark Souls III where players can choose to stay in their actual NG cycle for as long as they want and only progress when they are ready.

Qué cambia en Elden Ring New Game Plus

The main difference here is that the enemies are significantly stronger and you’ll get more Runas when you defeat them as a reward to help balance things out.

Lo que se transfer en New Game+

First, it’s worth noting that there aren’t many differences in the story of playing New Game Plus, so don’t expect a completely different experience here.

All the stats, levels, items, and weapons that you gained in the first game (and in the previous NG+) carry over to the New Game Plus game to help you stand a chance against the toughest enemies.

Cuál es el nivel de ‘dificultad’ Max NG+

After winning the New Game Plus from the Elden Ring, you can start another round of New Game Plus, increasing the difficulty even more but keeping your stats and items. The game gets much harder as you progress, especially because the stat returns start to drop and drop severely as your character rises to the highest levels.

This continues to increase until NG+7, which serves as the hardest difficulty in Elden Ring, so to speak.

That’s all you need to know about him Modo Nuevo Juego Plus by Elden Ring. To get more consejos, trucos y guías, diríjase a nuestra wiki or vea más de nuestra cobertura sobre el juego a contiguando.

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