How to Save Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Although Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will show you how to bring members of another home to your network before the damage, the instructions can sometimes disappear into the text walls that the other tutorials seem to cover every five minutes. If you need a review, or just want to be absolutely sure before you start a match, then you have it here how to save characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

While Fire Emblem veterans will swear by the task of keeping their characters alive and letting their erroneous costs survive, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes adds another element to the “do or die” strategy game. Confront other houses in battle, create an opportunity to recruit your generals to yours.

Similarly, if tutorials confuse it a bit, we have also made a point to explain correctly how to assign an assistant. Instead of being an excellent way to train low-level staff, the staff recruitment system offers additional statistics and support points to soldiers to whom you belong.

How to Save Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

First, it’s worth noting that you can not protect all the NPCs you encounter. Is it a magician or an archer who commands your team? If you do not have a name, they will not join your team.

At the end of the day, rescuing characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes means recruiting the rest of the two houses (or the mysterious Ashen Wolves living in Byleth) into yours.

To do this, you must first be on the approved mission. The characters you will encounter will of course vary depending on the house they represent at the beginning of the game, but you will encounter characters like Hapi (a member of Ashen Wolves) almost at the same time, regardless of your choice.

To save a character by name, use your tactical assignment points at the beginning of the match to select the action related to saving that character. That means you will not have points to pay for other combat benefits, so be prepared to adjust your strategy accordingly.

That is without a doubt not the end of the story. If you attack the person you want to save without activating the advantage just before you fight him, you will kill him and will not be able to unite your group. They will lose forever in that game.

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So the secret here is to make sure to hold the right button down when your teammates talk about summoning the person so that when (or a little earlier) you start fighting them.

You should see a message at the top left that coincides with the tactical option you selected before the stage began. Hold down the right button on the D-Pad to activate it and you should be good at meeting your enemy without killing him by accident.

Once you are on your HP, you will get some short dialog boxes that would correspond to a simple transaction. With that, they will unite on your side at the end of the match and become a playable character for the rest of your game. Always and when death is not permanently activated, and the losses in the battle of battle are new, by all means.

For more information on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, click on that link to go directly to our main page. We will be publishing more guides in the coming days, so hopefully you will soon enough fill the top with helpful tips.

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