How to restore FP and increase maximum focus points

FromSoftware’s first open-world RPG may not be part of the Dark Souls franchise, but many of its game systems and mechanics will be extremely familiar to those who have played some of those games. Eso inclued el method por el cual repones tu maná (or el equivalent del juego) para lanzar hechizos. Aquí está como restores FP an Elden Ring.

What is FP?

FP is short for Focus Points and is used to launch Hechicerías and Conjuros in the Elden Ring. The amount of FP you currently have is indicated by the blue bar on the HUD.

How to restore FP an Elden Ring

  • Usa el frasco sagrado cerúleo equipándolo primero en tu ranura rápida (desde el menu de inventory). Pad alternar elementos de tragamonedas rápidos using the d-pad.

    how to restore FP

  • Press Square/X to play.

  • Tenga en cuenta que puede assignador cargas de frascos sagrados descansando en un sitio de gracia, depending on whether you want more health or FP. Crimson restores HP while Cerulean restores FP. Assign more frascos de FP to intentione de realizar artes de armas, magia y convocar espiritus.

  • Get more FP

    Puede reponer su Frasco de lágrimas cerúleas by performing one of the following actions:

    • Defeat a strong enemy
    • Defeat a group of enemies.
    • Feeds escarabajos de lágrima cerúlea

    Max FP increase in Elden Ring

    You can increase your maximum FP by adding points to the ‘Mente’ stat as you level up. This is one of the game’s eight main features where players can use runes to level up.

    Certain weapons, armor, and talismans can also affect maximum FP, so be sure to review the descriptions of everything you pick up in your adventure.

    Y eso es todo lo que necessitas sabre sobre como restores FP an Elden Ring. Be sure to search for dlprivateserver or check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks and information about the game.

    If you have a specific question that you can’t find the answer to anywhere on the site, don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help you.

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