How to repair Evil Dead spare DLC that is not displayed

With the new Evil Dead game now, fans of Sam Raimi’s terror franchise are immersed in an asymmetrical multiplayer action. But there are no launch contracts. If you’re having trouble streaming your Evil Dead DLC tags, we’ve searched the internet for some tips on how to repair Evil Dead DLC that does not appear in your account.

In this Evil Dead guide, we explain what happens when some players try to play DLC, while we describe the steps you need to follow to unlock it. It will probably be frustrating for people who have paid more for the game, because the good news is that a solution must be unavoidable.

Elsewhere, do not hesitate to consult our guide on modes for an Evil Dead player so you know if there is a story mode inspired by a movie where it resonates. Besides that, let’s take a look at whether there is an Evil Dead cross game between platforms, as well as details on whether there is an Evil Dead Game Pass launch on the cards.

How to repair Evil Dead DLC that does not appear

This problem is most likely to be reduced as the pre-ordered bonus items in Evil Dead are not activated in the shop on each platform. If the game is now live, it seems to be struggling with initial problems in the early stages.

As such, we recommend that they only intend to cancel their Evil Dead DLC codes in the hours and days after launch. Once the launch fever subsides a bit and the game is online properly in the stores on the various platforms, the Evil Dead DLC code stream should start working.

Which Evil Dead DLC does not work?

The main Evil Dead DLC packs that appear to be affected by the launch bug are the Savini Ash and Army of Darkness masks. Both have bonus codes when pre-ordering, but they can also be accessed through the season ticket.

Oddly enough, it seems that different platforms have problems with different masks. Players on the subreddit of the game Evil Dead inform that their Savini codes have not been sent or are searched in digital stores. The owners of Collector’s Edition with the right to Army of Darkness masks also seem to have trouble messing with the included codes.

For players who have not yet received their codes, it turns out to be a little more complicated. Most likely, you have the right to automatically download Army of Darkness masks for free in the store, so your choice platform will be recognized as having the enhanced version. It is no doubt also worth noting that there is so much support from Saber Interactive on Twitter that it will no doubt solve this problem if it continues.

That’s all for our look at how to fix Evil Dead DLC errors. If it’s annoying, it’s good to see that the game does not break and should be resolved soon. The same could be said about the Xbox version of Evil Dead that does not work, although unfortunately it seems to be fixed.

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