How to redeem bonus DLC for advance order and adventure guide

The Elden Ring has arrived, bringing another epic adventure from Soulsborne to players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Forgoing the typical linear format that fans have come to expect from FromSoftware’s titles, Elden Ring stretches its legs, with an expanding open world filled with secrets, surprises, and of course, a large number of repulsive bosses that require detailed analysis to learn su ataques y patrones de movimiento for conquistador. Aquí está todo lo que necesita sabre para canjaer el gesto de bonificación DLC de reservation of Elden Ring y join a la Guía de aventuras digitalalso.

Canjear y accesser al gesto de bonificación DLC de pedido anticipado en Elden Ring

Depending on whether the Elden Ring is in digital or physical form, you may need to redeem a code through the PlayStation or Xbox Store to unlock ‘The Ring’ gestures.

gesto de reserva del anillo de elden

If you have a code to redeem, follow the steps below:

  • Find the DLC code for your reservation in the box, via email, or in the receipt, depending on how you purchased the game.

    Si pediste por adelantado una copia digital del juego, no necesitas preoccuparte por encontrar un código. The DLC is automatically downloaded along with the complete installation of the game.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store on an Xbox or PlayStation Store on a PS4/PS5 and select the ‘Use Code’ or ‘Change Code’ option.

    Ingrese el código tal como se muestra en el corrobrante en la casilla/correo electrónico/recibo de caja.

  • Confirm que desea canjear el DLC de bonificación de pedido anticipado para Elden Ring.
  • Load the game and find the ‘Ring’ gesture in the ‘Gestures’ menu.

    gesto de bonificación de reserve de anillo de elden

  • Where to find the Elden Ring adventure guide

    La Guía de aventuras is a digital download that can be accessed from the home screen of PlayStation or Xbox. It appears as a ‘game mosaic’ in the ‘My Games and Applications’ section or on the home screen, as shown in this screenshot from Reddit user u/chhaylab2.

    At the time of writing this article, it is not clear how long the adventure guide will be. Sin embargo, esperamos que se description al menos algunos consejos para principiantes para ayudarlo a commensar su aventura a través de Lands Between.

    That’s all you need to know about how to redeem the Elden Ring reservation DLC and how to access the adventure guide. To get more consejos, usage and guías, diríjase en nuestra wiki. Tenemos guías consejos y trucos para principientes, viajes rápidos, los mejores recuerdos y clases para elegir para differentes construcciones and much more.

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