How to Recover Lost Battle Bus Plans in Chapter 3 Season 2

If you followed the resistance mission line that began with the launch of season 2 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite, the missions in week two are already complete. Here it is how to recover lost battle bus plans in chapter 3 season 2.

Of course, before you reach the main goal, you need to “establish an increasing link to the unit near Condo Canyon, Coney Crossroads, or the Daily Bugle.”

You have many options when it comes to this goal, here is a map of where you can go:

Fortnite Establish bus planes in the device's rising link line

These are some high-traffic areas, so we chose the point north of Condo Canyon, so we’re smart enough to complete this search faster.

How to recover lost combat bus plans in Fortnite 3 Chapter 2

You will need to use the audio recording of the hologram found outside Condo Canyon’s advertising yard to begin the mission “Restore the plans for the missing combat bus.”

Fortnite Establish audio register for device rising link

The same places that you need to visit for combat bus routes are the ones needed to establish the rising link of the device. The mission also has a 0/1 counter, so all you need to find a single plan to complete this is that the map shows groups of three at each location.

Here is a better map of each group where you can find the fighters’ planes:

Fortnite Get locations of battle bus maps

The plans you are looking for only seem to have a white glow to make it stand out better.

Fortnite Battle Bus cards on the floor

Once the recalls, the mission will be completed. That’s all you need to know how to recover lost combat bus plans in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

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