how to reach the inaugurated snowfield

Fire Ring is FromSoftware’s ultimate role-playing game, and just like in previous From games, there are probably optional areas that you can completely lose during your game if you do not know what you are looking for. Here it is how to get the dedicated snowfield in the Elden Ring.

How to get to the dedicated snowfield in the Elden Ring

  • Move on in the story until you reach Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Go to the southeast of the region to find the Pueblo de los Albinaúricos.

  • From Sitio de Gracia you have to go to the small hill and get to the enemy of the snow.
  • Right after him, turn right and look for a hole. Walks around to reveal for the Albus Albinaúrico.

    Before Albus dies, he will present half of the Haligtree Medal.

  • From the ruins of Laskyar, head west to find the mazmorra in the lake’s crystal cave and spread it.

  • Clearing the mazmorra will take you to Latenna the Albinauric, who tells you that the other half of the medal is at Castle Sol in the Forbidden Lands.
  • Continue in the story until it reaches the town of Altus and leaves Leyndell, the real capital.
  • Head east to take the Great Rold Ascent to reach the Forbidden Lands.
  • Head north into the Forbidden Lands to find Castle Sol.

    You’ll have to clear the mazmorra and confront the area commander, Commander Niall.

  • To defeat Commander Niall, you can go into the last area of ​​Castle Ground to find a box containing the other half of the Haligtree Medal.

    fire ring inaugurated snow market

  • Return to Rold’s Grand Ascensor and choose the chance to win the secret medal.

    Once parked on the lift platform, tap left or right on the d-cushion to see the possibility of a secret medal.

    fire ring inaugurated snow market

  • Continue through the short tunnel where you will fight against several vulgar militias and dusty enemies and you will quickly arrive at the Site of the Consecrated Grace of the Campo de Nieve.
  • The dedicated snowfield is a completely optional area in the Elden Ring, and is home to some of the toughest bosses in the game, so be sure to be well prepared before you get there.

    That’s all you need to know about how to get to the dedicated snowfield in the Elden Ring. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips and information about the game.

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