How to play Valiant Gargoyles Boss Fight

We all know that the chiefs of Sousborne have a different kind of difficulty. And what’s harder than fighting a single tough boss in these games? Fighting against two of them at the same time, of course. That’s what you’ll face in this secret battle. So if you have problems came to Valiant Gargoyles in the Elden Ringwe have some advice.

How to Win Valiant Garboyles Boss Fight in the Fire Ring

This jefes battle is an injunction imposed by two against one that is not in your favor, so the first thing you want to do is match these numbers as much as possible by obtaining the spiritual invocation Mimic Tear Ashes. This specific call will create a duplicate of your character that includes armor, weapons, items, weapons, and currently equipped spies.

The mixer has infinite FP, limited use of equipped elements and can even use screws to clean. The Mimic Tear Ashes can actually be found nearby, also in Nokron. See our guides on where to take the Mimic Ashes call and how to update the calls using these links.

burning stones in the fire ring

Once you have it, you can collect magic items like Glintstone for attack and Warming Stones for a constant flow of AOE, so the imitation can help in several different ways. The Gárgolas get a significant magical damage, so equip a stick or a seal when the invoices have also dropped Int or Faith levels.

Valiant Gargoyles Boss Phase 1

The first phase of this match will be two to one in your favor if you decide to summon Mimic Tear immediately. Just by not having too much fear and staying active in the game, on the contrary, it is likely that the imitator will die long before the other Valiant Gargoyle shows up.

Ambas gárgolas are in most cases body-to-body attacks that need to be close to you in order for most of their movements to hit, which is another reason why it is beneficial to give them long-range options. If both are parked just below the bar at all times, you can remove both at once. What you want is for the galaxy to deviate between two targets in different directions and at different distances.

Without limitation, even at a distance, this first galaxy can breathe a toxic cloud that propagates rapidly, thus providing some space as soon as it begins to move. You can also spread air knives at the ground after lifting your weapon up into the air to strain the movement. This is a very clear signal, so every time you raise your weapon, be prepared to avoid the cross or right.

The second movement that is not body to body is the ability to swing its weapon over its head to create a small cycle that inflicts damage on the AOE. In summary, when a pigeon raises its weapon at the top of its head, it will remember to look back.

The Gárgola can use several short combinations, circular blocking movements, a load race and pit attack when not performing the previously mentioned movements. You will have to learn the times to get rid of them through the experience, but these movements alone make it difficult to get rid of in the second phase.

As you can see in the clip above, I took this fight at a moderate pace using the special ability of the Moonveil katana, as my construction is focused on Int. Use our guide to where to find it right here if your compilation is also focused on Int. Inflate a massive damage due to the high magic attack stats.

Gárgolas Valientes phase 2

The second phase is where things rise. As soon as the first gárgola loses the mitad of his HP, another will appear with another weapon. That’s why you want Mimic Tear to survive as long as possible: Fighting alone against two monsters Valiant is the situation we desperately need to avoid here.

Do your best to concentrate on the one who has the lowest health and beat before the Mimic Tear gets hurt and dies. If you manage to separate the two cells so that the second attack on your imitator and the second continues you, this should work. Because when your little one fights one on one, it’s possible the mime has disappeared, and it’s the moment of a more regular boss experience with a Valiant Gargoyle who has almost all health.

This one has more chances than using mostly flint swords to attack, and you can still inhale poison, so be careful. It has wider locking movements along with longer body combinations and an AOE level with the handle.

Do your best to learn the timing of your collisions because you do not have the long hauls like you had the first one, but jump a lot more. You need to get to know the person here, or start jokes from a long distance if it is safe to do so.

This match may require more than a few tries and a little luck when it comes to Mimic Tear decisions. In general, it is intelligent, but sometimes it can die prematurely.

That’s all you need to know about how to win the battle for the Valiant Gargoyles boss in the Elden Ring. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other guides on how to get through Lands Between.

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