How to play the beta version of Halo Infinite’s collaboration campaign

When Microsoft launched Halo Infinite, there was a lot of anticipation around it. It was a free multiplayer experience and a cool campaign, but one thing I did not have was the collaborative game for that campaign. But that’s the point Beta of the Halo Infinite Collaboration Campaign.

The developers of Halo, 343 Industries, have announced that they want a beta version of the Coop Campaign, as well as deadlines for the beta version. Today we will go into all the details on how to get into the beta version.

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Launch of the beta version of the Halo Infinite collaboration campaign


When will the beta version of the Halo Infinite Collaboration Campaign begin?

The developers have revealed that the Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Beta will launch on July 11, 2022 and will last until July 22. It will take almost 2 weeks to try out this beta.

We are not sure exactly when the beta version started. Players must download a test collection of the promotion in order to play, so stay tuned to know when it will be available.

We also do not have an official launch date for the collaborative campaign or Forge mode, but this beta version can be used to test the upcoming DLC.

How do I play the beta version of the Halo Infinite Collaboration Campaign?

It takes a few steps to play the beta version of the Halo Infinite collaboration campaign, but they’s easy enough to make. Initially, it was to be in the Halo Insider program. It only requires you to register to get an account.

In second place, you must have a copy of the promotion or have an Xbox Game Pass. If you play on Steam, be sure to sign up for the beta before July 5, 2022. If you play elsewhere, then you do not have a deadline to sign up.

More beta information from the Halo Infinite collaboration campaign

There is some other information we know about Beta. As we mentioned before, when the beta version is active, players will need to download a trial version of the promotion. This means that saved data from its live version of the game will not be transferred. Sometimes data will be transferred from the beta version again, so this is a really closed environment.

This beta version will include an online co-op game for four players, but it looks like players will tend to stay close to each other. This limited the possible investigation into Coop.

Another feature that is being tested is Mission Replay. This feature has been missing since its launch. This allows you to play one of the missions from the history of the Halo Infinite Campaign again.

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Oh, we have! This is a pretty exciting beta version, especially if you miss playing the campaign with your friends. If you are considering getting a Game Pass to participate in this beta, check out our Games With Gold Guide to see what other benefits and games are available.

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