How to perform the invocation of Mimic Tear Ashes

The Lands Between is full of difficult areas and dangerous places that can keep you trapped for some time. But in some cases, you can summon spirits to help in battle or even distract the enemies enough time to win an attack. Without limitations, some calls are much better than others. Here it is How to get the Mimic Tear Ashes invocation in the Fire Ring.

How to make the invocation of Mimic Tear Ashes in the Fire Ring

This call is located in the underground depths of Nokron, the Eternal City. These are the steps you must follow to enter the city and invoke spiritual censorship:

How to get the title Mimic Tear Ashes in the Fire Ring:

  • Go to the Starscourge Radahn in Caelid to the east to open the road to the entire Nokron area.

    Once destroyed, a giant fireworks display on the ground near the Fort Haight West grazing site in Limgrave.

    fire ring nokron entrance card

  • Go down to the place where the rocks fly up to the sky to reach Nokron.

    It can be easily seen from the aforementioned place of grace.

    the entrance to nokron of the fire ring

  • Once inside Nokron, go to the Sacred Land section of Nokron’s Night.

    Go to the location on the map that will be shown later. You will have to fight a Mimic Tear boss and several enemies along the way.

    elden ring imitar lágrima cenizas invocar ubicación

  • Use a stone sword wrench to open a snow door leading to a box containing the Mimic Tear Ashes pronunciation.

    Destroy the only enemy waiting inside the room to reach the tribe. He’s not a tough enemy and you can start the fight with a sledgehammer that you are not looking at.

    elden ring imitar lágrima cenizas salo de invocación

  • This spiritual invocation works differently from other invocations, which will consume 660 HP instead of using FP. Then create a complete copy of your character, as the boss of Mimic Tear did, which includes all the armor and weapons you currently have. This convoy can also use strings to heal, has infinite FP and limited use of any element in the hand.

    It is back even more powerful when Roderica updates it using Ghost Glovewort, a plant that can be found in abundance in Nokron. It’s easily one of the best Spirit Ashes in the whole game if you have a high level team.

    That’s all you need to know about How to get the Mimic Tear Ashes invocation in the Fire Ring. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other useful item placements as you explore Lands Between.

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