how to overcome the cantera without losing health

If you have experienced singing in the northern world of Tunic, you have probably noticed that your health bar begins to disappear quickly when you are near one of the living ‘cavities’. Without a doubt, this is a strange and toxic substance in all parts and instead of just damaging it, it actually reduces the size of its health bar, so even when treated, there will still be significantly less health. In this guide we will show you how to apply carrot mascara so you can overload the singer to a tunic.

Cross gallop with carrot mascara

To overcome Cantera without losing health, you must first take Carrot Máscara.

It is located inside the monastery, which is the large building near the pillars and the sanctuary of the water-swinging fox.

where to find the monastery in tunic

Take a walk through this location and avoid the living cavities as getting too close to them is what causes damage and reduces your health as much as possible over time.

There are also enemies here, so the best thing you can do is run and avoid passing the largest possible amount of them until you reach the end of the room. Open the box here and you get one of the ‘hold’ cards with a mask.

get the monastery carrot mascara in harmony

This team in your orbit and your zorro protagonist will now use the mascara and avoid receiving damage from the hidden cavities in all the song in Tunica.

equip carroñero mascara so as not to lose hp in the cantera

That’s all you need to know about put the carrot mascara in the tunic to help you break the gallop. For more tips, tricks and guides about the game, be sure to search on dlprivateserver or see more of our coverage of the game in the future.

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