How to Meet Godfrey, Elden Lord Boss’ first battle

For someone with a rather prestigious title, this version of Godfrey is much easier to get rid of than you think. That being said, not all constructions are created the same way and you may find yourself confused when it comes to levels or teams. If you have problems, we have some tips to help you. Here it is how to get to Godfrey, the face of the first chief of the Elden Lord in the Elden Ring.

Preparing for Godfrey, Primer Elden Lord

This is not Godfrey’s real physical body, so it can only be a foretaste of what will be sold on. In any case, this match can be difficult for long-distance constructions if Spirit Ashes does not show up right away. It’s a body-to-body fight, so it’s going to be hard to fit between you and the boss if you do not distract it from another attacker.

As always, Mimic Tear Ashes is a first-class option for managers. Meet them in the Night’s Sacred Ground section of Nokron, the Eternal City. Then enhance the invitation to speak with Roderika and Hewg at Roundtable Hold. Miracles will happen in this battle.

Godfrey, Elden Lord Boss’ first battle

This Golden Shade will largely depend on body-to-body attacks a short distance to cross, so it is important to learn your time to avoid and detach from the path. Unfortunately, many of their movements are heavy blows with huge bones that can be seen from a mile away. However, this means that you will lose a large part of your HP if you lose something.

There is no other phase here, so the goal is to open up Godfrey, who attacks from two different angles along with your Spirit Ashes invocation. It intends to remain on the side of the chief, so that it is between you and your calling. You will have to constantly adjust or pick a target that is perfect and has absolutely no crazy magic or massive AOE attacks from those who speak.

Godfrey will move its giant axes horizontally or vertically in relatively slow patterns. The only way this changes is when there are jump attacks and guns that cause the floor to rise and cause damage in a line in front of it.

No matter what Spirit Ashes goes, he should keep all the boss’s attention as long as he attacks regularly. So something slower like snails may not be optimal here. This is at least one of the options that triggers the call to quickly derail Godfrey while he is not looking in your direction. Used the Moonveil katana with an Int-based construction to do just that.

This game should not be as difficult as the others in the game, so everything you need to know about how to honor Godfrey, the first Elden Lord in the Elden Ring. Be sure to take a look at our wiki guide to find more tips, tricks, and other expert guides to help you survive in Lands Between.

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