How to Meet Amy in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

Do you still enjoy the only official Roblox Sonic game? You want to know how to catch up with Amy in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator this Saturday, May 14th. With a little bit of progress on the game’s social channels, we’re pretty sure the biggest Blue Blur fanatic is the next new character to come, and let’s review how to unlock it.

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator quickly expands its list of known characters. Since launching in April, we have returned to see Knuckles, Tails and Tails. Now Gamefam Studios is embroidered with Amy Rose, finally giving Sonic fans their third most coveted character before “another”. This is what we know about His eternal deliverance.

Let’s play Roblox

Let’s play Roblox

We have a lot of other things to help you with this game and many more titles. First of all, take a look at our Sonic Speed ​​Simulator code page. Want to try other Roblox games? The Shindo Life codes, Slayers Unleashed codes, and the latest Pet Simulator X codes are pages worth checking out.

How do you get Amy in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator?

From now on, you can not get Amy in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. Even though she’s embroidered it so it’s coming soon, it’s still not in the game.

In addition, there are no confirmed times for this event. All we know now is that poor Amy Rose is trapped in a large pink crystal, ruddy with small crystals containing three chaos.

The interesting part is that the photo foot of the tweet said “sálvala”. This seems to suggest little more than a treasure hunt, are you looking for a boss fight against Robotnik or another villain? Let’s wait to know. Without hesitation, updates come every Saturday, so it’s probably coming very soon.

Where’s Amy Rose in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator?

Unfortunately, there is still no confirmed information about this event, but we may be specific. The crystal that holds Amy appears to be in the Green Hills Zone, but can transport the player to a new world.

Adding a new place with the new character would be a good move and would provide an area to explore while getting acquainted with Amy’s character. On the other hand, the crystal could be there, but the romperlo shape could be somewhere else.

Given that we’re trapped inside an object, and not as a reward for a treasure hunt, it seems likely that it will take more than just unlocking Amy as a character to use.

What level do you need to have to get Amy in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator?

It is possible that Amy Rose does not have a level block, but it is always helpful to have the highest possible level.

Going up one level makes you go faster, making it easier to acquire, unlock new areas, and collect the collection items to be found. The Sailor Tails treasure hunt, for example, could be accomplished at any level, but being able to venture into higher worlds (which require higher levels) certainly accelerated the process.

And that’s all there is to say about Amy in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator at the moment. We will have the unlocking method fixed as soon as the update is announced on Saturday 14th May 2022, so come back to consult to see the complete guide. For now, without hesitation, read about Cookie Run: Kingdom Sonic Cookie. If you ever return to the game, you will want to catch it.

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