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In Death Stranding, the media that one has to fight BT with is very expensive, and most of the time they have the form of special grenades, but many are made through unique media and can be confusing to understand.

Different types of grenades will have different effects, both in living beings as well as in barracks, and understanding how it works is the key to survival. These grenades include EX grenades and BT-oriented hematics, dust grenades and non-lethal grenades and of course very deadly normal grenades.

How to make grenades

The first time you can spend time in a private space, you will be able to interact with many elements of the space. Curious among them is the shower / bathroom in the corner of the living room, which has many facilities.

To take a shower, Sam will wash all the dirt, tar and powder away from himself and the water will be collected to make EX Grenade 0. At the moment it is not clear what clean dirt needs to be put on to make these grenades , but time goes by during the flood or gets attacked by BT and covered in tar, so it’s a good bet that you’ll have to wash. The ex-grenades are the heaviest of the EX series, and when fired against a BT, they will be fired slowly in a random direction, which will allow you to avoid them for a short time without worrying.

When using the toilet in the shower for repair, Sam’s oracle can be used to make EX Grenade 1, which is a stronger variant of EX Grenade to make BT sparse. As you can imagine, the more monstrous baby energy and the more content, the more grenades you get every time you go to make your needs in the private room.

Finally, by going to number 2, you will give yourself the exact called EX Grenade 2. The extracted fecal material is a little harder to grab, but it will create large impressive clouds to pass or escape from BT.

Important: Any EX grenades that are created will NOT appear directly in your fixtures. Everything will be moved to your Private Stash in the current installation while it is resting and will not be moved from that location. You owe this, you must always remember to access your private alien before leaving and equipping the necessary grenades. If there are no grenades left, you can also check the storage of various installations by placing anywhere on the map that has a small box icon in the corner and pressing X to see the stored cargo.

You will also be able to make blood-based grenades called hemantic grenades at the end of episode 2. These are your key weapons to break the BT, which has already caused a lot of damage, but which has transfused your blood to do that. Because of this, he would like to have blood bags available to extract blood instead of his own body. Of course, you can make as many homeless grenades as blood bags in terminals, but you can also get a new blood bag every time you rest in a private room, which is kept in its private secret. Just be sure to “equip” a blood bag manually so that the lost blood is removed from the bags first!

Finally, you will also learn how to create other grenades in episode 3 that can be used against enemies like MULE for non-lethal attacks: the dust grenades learned by the preparation engineer can hide the sight of their attackers while the grenades distract and electrocute and kill the enemies.

How to store and use grenades

Each created grenade comes in a cargo container containing 5 of the grenade, which allows you to fire them repeatedly before they finish. Considering that you want several types and quantities of grenades to deal with different threats, department stores can be complicated.

Grenades are always stored in “small” containers, which means they can be stored in brackets and straps on your suit if necessary to free up space. Not surprisingly, when the Cosplayer Prepper arrives outside of South Knot City, you can befriend them to unlock bags for your mochila to easily store more grenades and blood bags without taking up cargo space.

To use grenades, press the D-Pad to the right to select them in the radial menu. If you do not see it right away, you may have too many items to display in a menu, so press R3 to select the next item page. When equipped with the hand, you can keep L2 to start aiming and keep R2 to speed up your launch, and finally a single R2 to start (or single L2 if you need to cancel the launch.

Remember that because each grenade container has a total of 5 uses, you should try to use each one in turn so as not to waste space with multiple containers and only 1 or 2 grenades left. Unfortunately, you can not combine containers, but sometimes the pain is worth it. Recycle or dispose of almost empty grenade containers and simply make other new ones.

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