how to make a secure copy of your saved games

Instructions for storing backups

How to make a backup

  • See% appdata%.
  • There are thousands of videos that the teacher has downloaded.
  • Go to com.innersloth.henry.HenryFlash.

  • Go to the local store.
  • There will be 9 .sav files, what to do with them, copy them and paste them where you feel comfortable.

Also copy settings.txt, in fact everything from the carpet. We do not want to have problems or errors in the game because of this small error.

What’s next now? Whatever you want, ignore this, you can use it to claim Steam performance recently, or play recently as a new one, to play and enjoy the game even more, get the performance recently and not bother watching your other game , so watch with it, but definitely if you want to use the cracked game, it’s as simple as copying it to the same rug and ready. You already know how to make a safe copy of your game in this amazing game.


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