how to keep the birds close to the bones?

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He decided to make a tutorial on how to keep the birds in his recitation most of the time.
It starts over and over, but not that often.

The first is to keep in mind that the rapes have a very short mecha compared to the other dinosaurs in the game.
They will go into red pretty quickly and something will bother them. That means you have to do everything you can to keep them really comfortable under normal circumstances.

Another thing that is important to keep in mind is that you will escape.
All you can do is minimize the number of times and increase the time between escapes.

How much should you have?

4 no more or less in a review.
In the park you can have more.

2 is not enough to satisfy their social needs.
3 can work. In my experience, not as good as 4. Only 3 results in which the level of goods is clearly disminuya from time to time due to a low level of social interaction. Add something more that makes you feel uncomfortable and get an unfaithful reward. In addition, if one dies, you should try to use it again. You don’t have much time before the 2 remaining break through the circles.

5 or one more than that works.
There are also 4 more rapes trying to distract you. Which increases the chance that you will come near you. It is also necessary to chase more rapes when they finally collapse.

4 is the number.
Not anymore. Not less. 4 is the number you receive and the number you receive is 4.5 you do not receive. There will always be 2 exceptions when the steps to incubate 3 and 4 are already done. Once it reaches 4 hours and the fourth rapaz has hatched, stop incubating.

the recinto

A single light electric field.
Multiple and/or heavier valleys are not necessary. Assuming you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that it’s been tested and didn’t work. I discussed that a little later.

A much smaller recipe.
Build mine a little faster than sightlines for an observation deck.

Arrow leaves enough of the environment behind to have a good view of both sides of the environment.
You don’t want to struggle to see what the birds are doing when they are up close.

Water for sure.
A click sized to fit a little something in the middle.

Cover about 1/4 of the recipe with apples before inserting your bird hooks.
Closing your tires will adjust them from there.

Try 2 fixes or it is configured to do 4 at the same time.
Just cut one out and send it to the recinto.

Click on it and press “R”.
Select the second step when the window opens. This is the information about what you like and dislike about the recitation. Write it down. Make sure the turn signals are not red and more than half way to the right. For most other dinosaurs, you can just get away with it without being in the red. I don’t recommend that for rapaces. Those who want to be happy under normal circumstances in every place of their recitation. If the pastries are too low and the trees too high, just remove the trees and vice versa. You should very quickly find an optimal point where the commodity level of the birds raping for the forest and meadows would be about the same and more than a mile to the right. Cover about 1/4 of the recipe with spices before placing the first rapaz that will approach it.

Coloque 2 live dinners in addition to the rest of the recipe.
Coloque’s version of the diner’s meat stack toward the center of the front of the display platform. Usually you have more food than you need. Occasionally, depending on when each rabbit decides to eat one, it will stay outside and start molting with only 1 or 2 eaters. Having the meatball version will keep everyone eating and getting full. The 2 live eaters are selected to keep the Raptors a bit happy because they can hunt and kill a goat.

Ahi tens.

Different valleys

Electric interior.
Looking outside, the heavier. This can sometimes work, but only if you keep in touch enough, you’ll be ready to go. You can prevent an escape during storm. It works pretty well if your birds are happy when the storm starts. The storms will cause their rapeseed birds to feel uncomfortable and not long after a storm starts, the rapeseed birds will begin to test their electrical proximity. If the energy is burned permanently and the current is not too long, the electricity supply must be maintained. If not, the other could do it if the power stopped shortly after the birds were raping through the outlet. When the storm is over and everything is ready for their predatory birds, they will have to calm down enough to stop trying to escape.

I had mixed results and after some testing and playing with it I’m not sure if the second one is that useful.
If they do manage to cross the outlet, what isn’t electrical is generally not enough to stop them until the power almost stops at the same time the outlet is broken. I have already tested 2 electric valves. Since the rabbits usually manage to overwhelm the electricity supply in my games, then there is a shortage of energy.

Things to do before you break up

Tenga has a sentry near his overture shop.
In such a way that their guards can get there shortly after the rapists cover the search.

Currently the ACU.
I recommend using all update channels at least once to increase accuracy. The last use for charging time. The reasoning here is that you don’t need to charge as fast as you hit the target more. I also think the gunners lose a lot in this game. Improving precision just removes a lot. I don’t really chronometer it, but because updates are made this way, I think dinosaurs are being eliminated much faster than before.

Generate more energy than you need and operate a variety of power plants.
This ensures that energy is always generated and increases the chance that the socket does not lose energy.

There are 2 transformers near the electrical circuits.
That way, if one is poisoned, the other will continue to feed the nearby. (Note: I’m not sure what it’s called in-game. As a transformer, I’m referring to a small building that has an area of ​​effect on its circuit that allows things in it to energize).

That’s all.
Sometimes it is fixed. Sometimes it will be when the time is right. Do the first without restrictions to significantly reduce the chances. My last gaming session was about 2-3 hours. I scored 4 breakdown attempts and only one was successful and that was due to power loss in a short period of time.

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