How to increase FPS in Elden Ring

FromSoftware’s latest role-playing game has garnered criticism, but from a technical standpoint, its performance is mediocre on PC. Here we will analyze some solutions to help him enjoy the experience as smoothly as possible, so if you ask how to increase FPS in Elden Ring then that’s what you need to know.

Elden Ring’s best PC configuration for high FPS

There are several ways to increase FPS in Elden Ring, but not all will be correct / necessary for your PC. As with any software problem solving, your best bet is to work on the possibilities and experiment with the results. Next, we gathered several solutions that we found effective.

The first is the first, especially if you are running Elden Ring on a modest gaming platform, use the following graphical configuration to optimize performance:

  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • Edge: full screen
  • Texture quality: high
  • Antialiasing quality: medium
  • SSAO – Bajo
  • Field depth: average
  • Movement pause: disabled
  • Shade quality: low
  • Light quality: medium
  • Quality of effects: average
  • Volumetric quality – low
  • Reflection quality: low
  • Water surface quality: average
  • Global lighting quality: high
  • Herb quality: average

How to increase FPS in Elden Ring

Now that you’re using the best possible configuration to get the most out of FPS, you can try the following solutions to improve performance:

  • Update its graphics controllers.

    This is pretty obvious, but it’s easy to forget, and updating your controllers can make a big difference. If you are using Nvidia, open / install GeForce Experience and see if anything is waiting or use the Nvidia website. Those who use AMD Radeon cards can visit this website.

    increase fps fire ring

  • Configure the graphics settings on your PC.

  • Change Global Shader Cache to Limited.

    If you are an Nvidia user, go to the Nvidia Control Panel, then manage the 3D configuration and change the Global Shader Cache to Unlimited.

    increase fire ring fps

  • Finally, here is a collection of Redditor u / Phish777 with corrections from several other Redditors:

    Salt of the game. Go to the Windows bar and search for “graphics”. Click “Graphics Configuration”. Select the script application and click “Navigate”. Search the game files on your disc and configure the settings in “High Performance”. Start the game. LMK is good enough!

    edit: also disabled the steam superposition for the game, and also chose to run Steam at high performance.

    edit2: to speed up images: simply stabilize the global configuration “Hideout size” in NVIDIA Control Panel in “Limited”: -credit u / bobasaurus

    edit3: more bug fixes: Windows + X keyboard -> device manager -> software devices -> click right button to disable Microsoft device association raíz counter – credited to / CrossbowJohnson

    edit4: everyone is welcome to those who worked and my condolences to those who are still having problems. Thanks to everyone for the gold and prizes

    It should provide a good basis for experimenting with different options help you increase FPS in the Fire Ring. For more tips and helpful guides about the game, be sure to look for dlprivate server.

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