How to improve ping in games

Play online, everything about MMORPGs, which is the house specialty, requires many times use of a VPN for a regional block or simply from the country where you are playing, your connection is not too good with that game server. Let’s talk about being able to play decent games like Lost Ark, Ascent: Infinite Realm, Albion Online, Black Desert and more Fortnite island Apex Legends.

Ping is no more than a measure of knowing how long it takes a data packet to be sent to a server, received by saying server and another time sent back to our computer. So much, is the distance measured in time. For example, one ping 40 milliseconds means that each packet of data sent to the online game server (commands to track, disembark, jump) takes 40 milliseconds to execute and display on your computer screen.

As you can imagine, you have one reaction time for less than 100 milliseconds it is ideal, but it is also true that much depends on the type of game that is and also where the winners are hosted. The latencies exceed 200 milliseconds, making the gameplay experience significantly depressing, and playability seems to be affected.

Many people think that a high quality internet connection only depends on a good download and load speed, but there are several factors. It’s there too pingwhich is basically a reaction time.

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What happens if I have a bad connection?

Usually when you have a bad internet connection, you will suffer from cuts and an increased ping in the games. It could also be that you are using the wifi connection to play, which I do not recommend for nothing. Always have a network cable connection to set up the maximum party on your router and your connection. Other causes that may affect your serious connection;

  • Shared use of internet connection with other devices, where the main example is a house where one person wants to connect to an online game and another member of the family wants to download files.
  • Other programs on your personal computer that use the Internet, those that are not disabled when you play, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Download operators such as torrent programs such as uTorrent and BitTorrent also play ping.
  • Poor quality of internet band.
  • Low Wi-Fi signal.
  • Virus, spyware or malware that uses your internet connection.
  • El game server is in another region. For example, if you want to play a game from Spain and the server is in NA, ping will be very elevated.
  • Error in Windows configuration.
  • Someone can hack your internet connection or rob your Wi-Fi.

How to Enhance Ping Using a VPN

In this article, we will focus on how we can improve ping in a game when the servers are in other regions that are different from where we live. In addition, we will also see how to play games that have IP block and that are limited to specific regions.

For these specific cases, we have programs like ExitLag that provide an innovative system with multiple routes that allows multiple simultaneous connections with all the security of the game’s servers that we want to play in different countries.

Unlike other VPN service types that simply change the IP address of another region, Exitlag has a tunneling system that only changes the IP of the game we selected first, giving us the benefit of following the rest of the The program in the normal way on the computer. In addition to realizing multiple simultaneous connections and including using its own CDN for some regions (content distribution network), we will notice a significant improvement in our ping for that game, Exitlag tells us about about 70% better than 100 compatible games.

20% discount on Exit teams

To enjoy this service, we simply tend to go to Exitlag’s official website, register on the site and log in. Download the program to enjoy it.

This service has a 3-day free trial to test whether you are really worth the penny that Exitlag has paid. If it adapts to your needs and improves your ping, it’s time to go and pay for one of the available flights thanks to MMOINGAME coupon you get 20%.

If you are in doubt about how to use the program, see this guide.

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There are many reasons for a slow connection and therefore delay in online gaming and a loud ping. We have already tried this solution and we recommend it for it. We are currently playing A: IR on their Thai CBT, and Exitlag is the key to being able to come in and play. Other games where we have tried the program are;

  • Albion online
  • Black Desert online
  • A: IR
  • Lost Ark
  • 4 History
  • Aion
  • ArcheAge
  • And more…

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