how to heal and increase maximum health

The healing and rising of maximum health in Tunica is very important if you are to face the various battles of the bosses as far as your adventure in the game’s mysterious world. There are several ways you can cureand a very obscure kind of increase your health to the maximumand this guide will explain how to do both.

Technical sanitation

To heal, you can use one of its Health Center strokes, shown in the upper right corner of the screen, by pressing RB.

technical maintenance

You will also find red bays that open treasure chests around the world or visit the intriguing ghost seller of balloons found in various places (like the windmill).

Then you can open your store, assign them one of its three face buttons and then press it to use them when you need them. This is especially helpful when you have cleared your throat for health food.

Alternatively, you can instantly reload your health bar and revive your resting health box in one of the bird sanctuaries scattered around the world (also shown in the image above).

Without hesitation, every time you rest in one of these shrines, all the enemies you have defeated (except the battles against the Jefes) will be rejected, just as they did in a FromSoftware game like Elden Ring or Dark Souls. III.

Maximum health increase

To increase your maximum health bar, visit one of these zorros reserves, press LB when it’s in front of it, and select the red flower item. Press A, and while you have the orange coin in the form of diamonds that you get to kill enemies, you can sacrifice the object and deliver the coin to raise your HP level.

increase the maximum health of the technique

Each of the items in the lower right corner adds one of your different stats. Specifically, I want the pink / red flower that we have enclosed in a circle in the picture above.

Finding these flowers along with other elements that increase the statistics is simply a case of exploring the world and opening more boxes of hidden treasures.

That’s all you need to know about maintenance and increase of maximum health in the tunnel. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search for dlprivate server or click on the links to continue.

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