how to heal and increase maximum health

Maximum health care and improvement in Triangle strategy it is imperative that you seek to escape victorious from the battle against your enemy. To the extent that the enemies come back harder, this will come back even more important to the extent that their attacks cause more damage, so let’s get drunk.

Sanitation in the triangle’s strategy

To run Triangle Strategy, use an HP Recovery Pellet element that powers HP when used, or use a device with healing skills.

Personality competencies

Geela and Hossabara are two of the first characters you get in the game who can heal themselves or other characters with their abilities.

When it’s your turn, choose your healing actions and choose the team member you want to heal in battle. This will of course eat away at its movement at that turn and will also consume TP, so make sure you are not in danger before doing so.

Use of healing elements in the triangular strategy

Alternatively, to use a control, during a character’s turn, press left or right on the d-pad to access the ‘Objects’ page.

Then select a ‘Recovery Pellet’. Press A, then select the person you want to cure. Without restrictions, the use of healing elements is limited. You can only use recovery equations and other healing items on the currently selected person or on other members of your group who are directly next to them.

Increase the maximum health of your group

To increase the maximum health of your characters, level up, equip HP rings, or upgrade their weapons.

Climbing a level is the simplest, as your maximum health increases automatically and automatically every time you have enough experience to reach the next level.

HP Rings can be purchased at the grocery store in the Camp and can also be found when exploring cities, so it is recommended to explore the surroundings thoroughly every time you visit a new area.

Finally, you can upgrade a person’s weapon to increase his or her maximum health. Without a doubt, keep in mind that not all weapon upgrades will necessarily have this effect. You will need to check the firearms update statistics screen as you do so to see what benefits it will bring to that person.

triangular strategy sanar

That’s all you need to know about raise and increase the maximum health of your characters in Triangle Strategy. For more tips and tricks, look for dlprivateserver or see more about our game coverage later.

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