How to heal and increase health to the maximum

The enemies in the Fire Ring have one thing in mind and they are completely destroyed every time they are in sight. In a few words you will see that ‘You Died’ appears a lot in your adventures through Lands Between, but you can always treat and increase your maximum health in the Fire Ring to make this happen with a little less frequency.

Here we will explain everything you need to know to make sure you can accumulate more strokes before you see the two words of blood red color suddenly appear on your screen.

How to Heal in the Fire Ring

You can heal your health by using sacred shots when exploring, or you are in battle, or resting in a place of grace that is found with sufficient frequency on the map. Tenga in the account that resting in a Place of Grace will also reap the majority of the defeated enemies.

Use the carmine tear gas to clean up the Fire Ring

  • Equip your Frasco de Lágrimas Carmesí from your furniture.

    To do this, press the Settings / Menu button and go to Inventory. Select a Quickslot and press X / A to confirm. Now choose your Flask of Crimson Tears to equip them with a storage space.

  • Use the Below on the D-Pad to retrieve your items equipped in the inventory slots.

    Select the carmine tear gas here.

  • Press Square / X when your Flask of Crimson Tears is equipped to use one and heal your health.

    This can be done at any time when exploring the open world or in combat.

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  • Keep in mind that there will only be a fixed amount of sacred shells each time they rest in a place of grace. You can increase your amount of sacred flask with golden seeds, which can be found all over the open world.

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    These are then used on a Gracia website with access to the ‘Frascos’ menu and then select ‘Add Load’. This will consume a golden seed.

    Maximum health increase

    To increase your maximum health in the Fire Ring, increase your ‘Vigor’ stats, which you can do each time you level down.

    The lower your Vigor stats are, the healthier you will be. Combine this with the increase in the amount of your holy word, and you’ll be able to make the long battles against Elden Ring’s bosses a little easier. Also, do not forget to keep improving your weapon.

    Reminiscent of Carmes’ amber medal

    Players can also choose to collect the Crimson Amber Medallion as a memento at the beginning of the game.

    This will give a permanent increase to your maximum health from the beginning of the game, although we recommend that you keep the golden seed in place, as this will leave an extra charge for your sacred scents, which you can then assign to a second Frasco Carmesí. A lot of tears.

    That’s all you need to know about healing and increased health in the Fire Ring. For more tips and tricks on the latest brutal ARPG from FromSoftware, visit our wiki. We have guides with tips and tricks for beginners, quick trips, the best memories and classes to choose from for different constructions and much more.

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