How to get Witch Queen spare bonus items

The final expansion of Destiny 2, The Witch Queen, has arrived, leaving the Guardians who fought the battle to Savathun in their Throne World in the first part of the campaign content. The expansion also establishes algunos nuevos límites de power, presentsa una nueva incursión y, por supuesto, obtains un montón de nuevos exoticos equipment. Para aquellos que ordenaron por adelantado de immediato, también tanderaan algunos Destiny 2 Witch Queen Pre-Order Bonus Items puede conseguir immediatente después de iniciar sesión en los servitors, y esto es lo que son y cómo obtenerlos.

What are the bonus items for pre-orders?

There are three in-game items reserved for the Destiny 2 Witch Queen. These are:

  • Carcasa de fantasma exotic Cosmographicum
  • The exotic gesture Enigma
  • A new legendary emblem.

How to get bonus items for pre-orders from Witch Queen

As pointed out by Bungie on its official help page, the pre-order bonus items can be obtained immediately after starting the session in Destiny 2 by going to Maestro Rahool in the Tower, or for the new players, Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome.

dónde conseguir el reserva de la reina bruja en el destino 2

El Maestro Rahool can be found immediately to the right of where you appear in the tower’s central location. For the less experienced guardians, there is also the NPC that you visited to decipher the engrams for weapons and armor.

If for some reason Rahool or Shaw Han doesn’t have Witch Queen pre-order bonus items the moment you start the session, try again a little later. The servers for Destiny 2 are absolutely full at the moment, so there may be a very slight delay in the implementation of the bonus items.

That’s all you need to know about Cómo conseguir tus bonos de reserve of Witch Queen in Destiny 2. Ahora ve y lleva la pelea a Savathun, Guardianes.

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