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Developed by Artdink and released by Square Enix, Triangle Strategy is a new HD-2D tactical role-playing game that has just been launched exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game develops on the continent of Norway, where three great powers are in conflict, and has the opportunity to navigate through the dangerous political climate. There are also plenty of characters at your disposal. Here it is how to get up fast in Triangle Strategy.

Get up quickly in the triangle strategy

Each unit can receive experience points, which allows them to level up. The higher their level, the stronger they will be and it will also allow them to be promoted to more advanced classes. The best way to upgrade a device quickly is to start it in combat, but here are some tips to speed up the process a bit:

  • Between battles, return to Camp and talk to Hossabara to participate in similar mental battles.

    All of these are optional farmers who unlock the goal that has advanced in history and it is recommended that hagas that you can compensate with more money and resources. More matches also means more opportunities for your units to gain experience.

    triangle strategy up to the level fast

  • During a match, make sure everyone can make a move.

    Your devices not only get combat experience; will also be compensated for using skills such as pros, cons and curation. While a device may not necessarily improve one at that time, there is nothing wrong with doing it alone so it can gain some experience.

  • The use of articles will also reward you with experience.

    Articles cost money and money is hard to come by, so this method is not recommended. Without hesitation, it is worth noting that the use of elements will also give you experience, so if you are really desperate to get up to level with a device, it is good to keep this in mind.

  • Basically, when you have similar mental battles, you want to take as much time as possible so that your units can take more turns and accumulate more experience. The more movements you make, the more experience you gain, which will allow them to level up much faster to learn more skills.

    That’s all you need to know about how to climb fast in Triangle Strategy. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver for more tips and information about the game.

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