How to get to the Manzana Dorada archipelago

The Golden Manzana Archipelago returns for another summer season at Genshin Impact, this time the 2.8 Summertime Odyssey event featuring Kazuha, Xinyan, Mona and Fischl. How to get there The archipelago of the Golden Manzana.

The islands are home to a variety of flora and fauna, as well as summer adventures, such as Sea Ganoderma, needed to ascend to Kazuha. In addition to event rewards, you can also achieve some achievements and other consequences.

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How to get to the golden manzana archipelago in Genshin Impact

Arriving at the Manzana Dorada archipelago is a simple matter to follow the story. After unlocking it, you can travel to it the same way you get to different regions and to the Serenitea Pot.

To unlock it for the first time, select the Summertime Odyssey event from the Event Summary menu. This will sharpen your search and show you where to go! Go to the Adventure Club in Mondstadt and then you are on the hunt.

Then you should go and meet Fischl and Mona, who (indirectly) will explain to you what is going on. Then go search for Venti in Angel’s Share. Like last year’s Summer Sea Soujourn, it will be he who will set up his travel station.

You are in the pub with Kazuha and Xinyan, who are buried in your adventure and decide to unite. After talking to Venti I will tell you that the mother of the first child has installed some kind of telecommunication station so that everyone can get there.

Your next date is to meet with the pandilla at. 8.00 the following day at the gate to Mondstadt. Then I will lead you to a strange cat-shaped bank at the mouth of the river. After the deliberations, Oz and Fischl go first, and the rest follow, and here it is! In the golden Manzana archipelago. A telecommunications route point is unlocked as soon as you get there so you can return freely.

The Golden Manzana archipelago in the Genshin Impact

The archipelago of the Golden Manzana was once called the Haar Islands by thieves. The archipelago has four main areas, namely Puddling Island, Hermitage Island, Rota Island and Minacious Island. And from today you can collect amazing ghosts on the first three islands.

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