how to get to Rykard, the lord of blasphemy and the devoted serpent of the gods

I wonder if you ask why nothing works against this boss or why it is impossible to reach him with normal weapons. Well, this is basically a trick. And even when you first understand the trick, it can be annoying, so here are some tips. Here it is how to get to Rykard, Lord of Blasfemy and the Serpent of God in the Fire Ring.

Preparation for Rykard and God’s devoted serpent

As soon as you enter the chief’s room, you will see an ingenious weapon on your screen that you will need for this battle. It’s called the Snake Hunter. His only ability, the Great-Serpent Hunt, causes a long wave of light to escape from the firing when used against a large snake. This is the trick.

fire ring snake hunter launcher

You will need to use the spear’s unique ability to knock down both bosses. The melee is much more fluid if you have a Mimic Tear Ashes call, because the mimic can copy and use exactly the same equipment that you have, including this weapon.

Fight against the chief of the serpent of the pious God

The snake is stuck in a large lava pool, out of reach of your attacks. Body-to-body constructions would not have to try to use their own weapon in this case unless they wanted to stop while avoiding the snake’s attack. Without a doubt, if you chronologically correct the use of the Snake Hunter skill, you will hardly miss anything.

The giant lightsaber will heal and interrupt most of the movements of Rykard and the Serpent of God, and the button / key can be pressed twice to make a follow-up attack to cause even more damage.

Without restraint, the snake has certain movements to pay attention to. He will hit you with his head against the ground several times, hit you and stab you with his mouth, pull his cock out and turn to throw lava in all directions. All of this can be avoided with an escape in the moment.

Most of these can be interrupted if the light blade of the launcher can hit the head of the hose at any time. And with Mimic Tear making exactly the same attack, things would have gone smoothly and quickly in this first phase, always and when he did not allow the boss to constantly win one move after another.

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy Boss Fight

This phase is where things rise markedly, and unfortunately, if you die here, you will have to fight against God’s victorious serpent again and again. Rykard’s attacks are much more subtle and have much more speed than the snake’s. Therefore, it is extremely important that the Snake Hunter’s abilities are used to interrupt it.

Rykard can heal itself in the same way as the snake: block and aim at the head. The complicated part here is that it causes much more damage than healing after receiving a stroke is a necessity, giving it more time to start new movements.

Phase two will get you cut off by a giant sword, guided projects, longer and including a flash of light that explodes after a break, very similar to the movement used by Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. The boss can also jump out of reach of the Serpent-Hunter launch. Pay attention to these moments and appreciate the approach when it is safe to do so.

Keep using the current trajectory on the lance and including heavy melee combat if you are left without FP for the only ability. Pass the offensive with the greatest possible frequency to avoid attack while inflicting a massive damage, and the battle will be won in no time.

That’s all you need to know about how to get to Rykard, Lord of Blasfemy and the Serpent of God in the Fire Ring. Be sure to take a look at our wiki guide to find more tips, tricks and other expert guides that will help you in Lands Between.

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