How to get to Morgott, the presagio king

Morgott is waiting for you right next to the Erdtree in the capital and can really give you a fight if you do not know what to expect. If this rule gives you problems, we have some tips to make life easier. Here it is how to visit Morgott, king of Augurio in the Fire Ring.

Prepare for Morgott, the king of Augurio

As a result, Morgott is actually the true form of the game’s first great boss, Margit. This means that Margit’s Shackle, a key item purchased from Patches, can still be used to prevent access to its complete set of moves.

fire ring margit grillen

There will be a lot of messages on the floor before the snow gate leading to the match, but be sure to take a closer look at them to find Melina’s call sign. You can also make this a three-on-one match using Spirit Ashes, preferably Mimic Tear Ashes, located in Nokron, Eternal City.

Whatever the spirit of Elijah’s invocation, it is of great help to have three kinds of attacks on the chief once. It should share his attention between the three of you, and Melina is something like a tank, despite not wearing any real armor. Mimic Tear Ashes can also be updated to be just as resistant. And you would have to carry blood loss baits like Bloodflame Blade or blood loss weapons to inflict further damage.

Morgott, el Rey Presagio Phase 1

Given that this is the true form of Margit, many of the movements you are confronting are the same. There are still a few new ones to take into account, but the hammer flashes and the sword returns to scare you one more time. This time, there is also a beam shot that can be fired at any lens.

Morgott will most likely open up with the firing of a lance, and then go into his regular operations with a beam weapon that comes in conjunction with the attacks with a new sword that gives him a slightly wider chance. They will be mixed with the usual frenetic jumpers everywhere at least with Margit’s Shackle.

With all that said, the first phase should be surprisingly simple to overcome and use the openings from Melina’s powerful charm and Mimic Tears distractions. Do not allow Morgott to make more combinations without taking revenge, otherwise you will fight forever. Instead, look for massive damage that inflicts damage again.

I used the Moonveil katana with a lot of points in Int to inflict a decent damage in the middle of nowhere, giving me enough time to avoid if the boss focuses on me.

Morgott, Kongen Presagio phase 2

The second phase begins when King Presagio loses 50% of his HP. When this happens, it will stabilize with energy that will propel you back and will cause attacks from the floor near where it is parked. Screams begin when this phase begins, so it resumes when the screams are heard. In fact, you can continue to receive blows while screaming if its construction is more focused in the row.

At this point, Morgott will fire his weapon with black flames and switch between the flaming sword, the hammer and the lance. Her jumping restriction is also lifted, which means that Margits Sjækle has done her job and is now working.

The attacks come back faster and come from multiple angles, but King Presagio’s attention should not be on you 100% of the time. If someone desperately needs to dry, sit down with Melina every time a golden tree is formed near her; it is a healing charm that will help you in a difficult situation.

Of course, it has the effects of blood loss, hechicerías and charm to maintain the pressure and even to make it heal to end the fight, so prolonging it is worse for you than for him.

That’s all you need to know about how to visit Morgott, king of Augurio in the Fire Ring. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips, tricks and other cooking guides if you ever get caught up in Lands Between.

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