how to get to a racetrack

This guide will teach you how to do two things.
How to get the award “Burn your engines” and How to find a race track. Note: Must be Arizona DLC.

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Step 1

As you can see in the screenshot above, go to the map (press m).
Now and then to Tucson.

Step 2

Now in this case you will click on CAT where the road ends as you look further you must be there when you arrive.
This is the cat’s place. You have to see that this is the end of the road, see the bottom.

Step 3

Now drive down the street until you see this.

Slightly recaptured

Low gas (petrol) trucks must be repaired without problems, there is a petrol station (petrol) and a car park.


Do not go here just to make a guide, so be careful!

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