how to get the unknown mask

If you jumped into the Sonic Speed ​​Simulator in Roblox, you may notice that there is a mysterious judgmental character in white with a vague unlocking method, which is described below. Apodado el Unknown skin from Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, it may seem quite intangible, but in reality it is very easy to carry and has a good story behind it.

In this guide we will explain exactly what is the unknown aspect of Sonic Speed ​​Simulator and how you can simply add it to your warehouse. For Sonic enthusiasts, we’ll also explain where to find it, because its background story is quite interesting.

Let’s play Roblox

Let’s play Roblox

On the other side of the Roblox platform, we have codes for some of the more important games available. Take a look at our Pet Simulator X codes and Blox Fruits codes if you want gifts in two of the most popular games. We also have a list of Critical Legends levels for role-playing game fans among you.

How do I get the unknown look of sonic speed simulator?

If you have unlocked all the other characters in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator but there is still an extra slot, then we have the truth for you. This is actually a space for the Sonic Riders mask, which is an exclusive cosmetic item that can only be obtained by posting a limited time code.

In fact, we have the code in our Sonic Speed ​​Simulator code list so you can navigate to it and download the mask to complete your list of characters. Simply connect to the canje section of codes in the game and you should have this mysterious unknown aspect added to your inventory.

Where is Sonic’s unknown skin?

This variant of the iconic blue erizo has a set of high-tech sandals and also some super refurbished shoes. If you do not recognize this unknown aspect of Sonic, or the cosmetic Sonic Riders, then you may have a good reason for it: you are a little too young.

Live for the first time in Sonic Riders, a racing game from 2006 for PS2, GameCube, Xbox and PC. In it, you rated as the complete list of Sonic characters in high-speed racing on hoverboards. Yes, for a character famous for running fast, the attention in Sonic Riders is not centered on running. While we have certainly seen him fail in games like All-Stars Racing and the Mario & Sonic franchise, it is fair to say that he is a good athlete at slowing down and leveling the competition at times.

The Sonic Riders series was a modest success for Sega, especially in the turbulent period that followed Sonic the Hegehog’s disillusioned reign in 2006, which began the long run with particularly defective launches continuing today. A sequel to Sonic Riders was released in 2008 for PS2 and Wii.

It was followed by Sonic Free Riders in 2010, which was the last time we saw this technological variant of the erizo icon. That is, until Sonic Speed ​​Simulator is about to return as a slow playable performance.

The Sonic Riders mask is actually an epic rarity, so you’re likely to pull it through the code before it goes off. While it is possible that it does not play any differently than Sonic based on the game, it is a small guide to a nicho entry in the previous Sonic catalog.

It’s all for us to look at the unknown mascara in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator! While you are here, feel free to get some Cookie Run: Kingdom codes to get all the gacha bonds you could wish for.

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