How to get the Tarnation weapon boss

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has arrived, and players can jump to the final expansion and begin solving the mysteries of Savathun’s Throne World and its Lucent Hive. The new expansion includes a new production system that allows you to cast and rebuild weapons. Without limitations, to make your own weapon, you need bosses. In this guide we will review how to get the Tarnation weapon patterna popular hit that many players find in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

How to get the Tarnation weapon boss in Destiny 2

First, before employees think of Tarnation, first make sure you have an idea of ​​how the craft and resonance of deep vision works. See this guide here to update if you need it. Without hesitation, you will generally need to ask a little about the RNG gods to get the Tarnation weapon pattern.

To achieve the Tarnation weapon pattern, increase your Resonance of Deep vision and add something to it twice. In simpler terms, this weapon will have to deliver two random global shots in the form of a red border, maximizing Deepsight’s resonant beam for each one and then extracting materials from it twice. Then you will have the Tarnation weapon pattern unlocked permanently to form it.

bronze weapon boss, Destiny 2

In addition to having luck with world crashes, if you want to cultivate Tarnation with Deepsight Resonance, your best option would be to run Wellspring over and over again, which has the ability to drop it eventually.

Once they are in shape, you can start upgrading and buying new advanced features to change them to your liking.

That’s practically everything you need to know about how to get the Tarnation weapon pattern in Destiny 2 from La Reina Bruja. To find out more about Year 5 of Destiny 2, check out our Witch Queen wiki guide.

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