How to get the new bird of prey suspension for the lost armored sheet

A week later, the Armada rapad del arca perdida montar is something because collectors always go crazy and if you want it too, this tutorial will unravel things. Its function is not different from the other screens available in the game, but the acquisition method is what it is. Here we show you how to add it to your list.

This Lost Ark guide will explain exactly what the Armored Raptor bracket is, in addition to exploring how to get it. Spoiler alert: A third-party subscription to another service is required, but a free trial is sufficient.

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How do I get the Raptor mounted on the lost sheet?

In a somewhat inconvenient way, the only way to get the Armored Ark is the Armored Raptor bracket through an Amazon Prime subscription. This particular display is a new reward from the Prime Gaming campaign, where subscribers receive free articles about the game simply by being on Prime. Given that the Western launch of Lost Ark was in charge of Amazon, this should come as no surprise.

The Armored Raptor Bracket is the first of several Lost Ark items available exclusively through Prime Gaming. To unlock it, you must have a valid First subscription and be directed to the rewards page. Then you can claim it for free and you will find it unlocked the next time you play Lost Ark.

Apparently, if you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription, you will not be able to get the Armored Raptor bracket. Without a doubt, if you have never used the free trial of Prime, you can just do it for thirty days and play raptor-mount as a permanent recorder of your great mental game. Just remember to cancel if you do not want to renovate.

What is the new Armored Lost Ark Raptor screen?

Lost Ark Armored Raptor Mount is a new attraction coming into play this month.

The new Armored Lost Ark Raptor is not an apodo for a vehicle that can be steered like a large motorcycle, but a really fortified dinosaur that can stand up. Like any other mount, it is here to help you cross the map faster.

Is it significant? None. Is it amazing? Absolutely. Looks like you’ll be going to cross Jurassic Park with Game of Thrones. These lagarto-style jackets use a complete suit with a helmet with a shotgun. It does not serve to help you defeat demons, but it will help you go into battle with gusto.

That’s all for our Lost Ark Armored Raptor Mount guide! Feel free to also use our general list of Lost Ark screens to see your other game partners. This is at the top of a list of Lost Ark servers, so you know which rooms online are free to explore!

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