How to get the Alkonost bracket in FFXIV

El Alkonos by FFXIVThe bracket is here, but as well as the other new brackets in Park 6.1, you need to work to pick it up. Alkonost screens require a single currency that only you can get to complete some of the activities in the last game Endwalker, and it takes enough time to get what you need.

This guide explains how to get the magic bracket in FFXIV and how to get the faux leaves you will need to buy it.

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How to get the Alkonost bracket in FFXIV

You can buy the Alkonost flute from Nesvaaz in Radz-At-Han, but you have three brilliant feathers. We have described how to get reflective feathers elsewhere, but here is a summary version.

The respanding feathers have the opportunity to fall under mazmorras to those who gain access from the maps of the Kumbhiraskin treasure, even if there is a tramp. After finding all the marked places on the map, you can only start a mazmorra once a day. You can still fill them in with other team members, but you are subject to your button rules.

How to call the Alkonost bracket

Invoking the Alkonost bracket is the same as invoking any other mount. Manage your warehouse to find the Alkonost whistle and then use it. Then the mount icon will be in the mount section of the menu and you can drag it to your quick access line if you think you will call it often.

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