How to get NFT from Solana

OpenSea’s recent announcement of support for Solana’s NFTs has hit the Internet, and many investors are now finding ways to invest in their participation in Solana’s NFTs.

With this announcement, users will now have the opportunity to explore several blockchains in OpenSea, including Solana. This is seen as a sustainable and scalable network that drives many potential DApps and NFT projects.

Solana also stands for cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum, making it easier for the masses to create and accumulate NFT without complications. Let’s take a look at how users can access Solana’s NFT with a simple step-by-step procedure.

How to play Solana NFT?

We will refer to the SolSea market in the article to help users get NFT in Solana:

  • First, install a SOL-compatible ticket such as Phantom and attach it to the extensions of its navigator.
  • Create a Phantom account by entering your credentials.
  • Insert some SOL tokens on your Phantom ticket.
  • Create a SolSea account and win your Phantom ticket to your SolSea account.
  • To start recording NFT, go to SolSea’s NFT collection option and click the Create button to start the process.
  • Enter the details of your NFT, including details of its price, biography and description.
  • When done, click Create Collection.
  • Upload the file (JPG, audio, video clip) that you want to convert to NFT.
  • Add a title and description for the loaded NFT.
  • Click on Mint NFT when the relevant details are filled in. You will be asked to sign the transaction to authenticate it.

How much does it cost to pay NFT in Solana?

Acquiring NFT in Solana is much cheaper than acquiring NFT in Ethereum. The cost of recording Solana’s NFT depends on the size of the files, but reflects SOL’s gas prices, which are much lower than those on the Ethereum network.

In a frequently asked question, SolSea says, “A 150 KB file would be ‘cheaper’ than a 20 MB file, for example.” There was also an article saying that Solana is 60,000 times cheaper than Ethereum.

Gas prices at 17.00 BST on April 5 fluctuates, for example, between 0.000005 and 0.0001 SOL or between 0.00065 and 0.0013 USD.

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