How to Get Minecraft Ray Tracking on Xbox Series X | S

The Ray Track was announced for Minecraft years ago, and although it’s been available on PC for some time, it’s just starting to appear in Minecraft on Xbox Series X | S nu. In this guide, we show you everything you need to know to follow the path of radiance in Minecraft on Xbox Series X | S.

Is Minecraft ray trail available on Xbox?

Technically, yes, it’s there, but you’ll have to play a bit, as stated later. The Ray Track is available in the preliminary Minecraft version of the game on Xbox Series X | S.

In the commercial standard version of the game, the ray track is still not available.

Without a doubt, as shown in the preliminary version, it is likely that the feature will soon arrive in the normal version of Xbox Series X | The S game. We will update this publication when it is available in the standard version of the game and is not limited to the preliminary version.

Enable Ray Tracing in Minecraft on Xbox Series X | S

To enable Ray-Tracing in Minecraft in Series X | S you must first configure a Minecraft session on a Windows PC with the Ray-Tracing-enabled packages. You can download the required resource pack here.

Next, download the Xbox Insider Hub app on your Xbox Series X | S and register to be an Insider.

Once this is done, look for the ‘Preview of Minecraft’ option in the ‘Previews’ menu and join it.

Once this is done, simply invite your Xbox account to your Minecraft session on Windows PC with Radiation Radiation Resource Pack installed and activated.

Once connected to your Xbox, you can go to the configuration menu, select ‘Video’ in the sidebar and then move down until you reach the Ray-Tracing switch.

minecraft ray tracing on xbox series x |  s

Change this until the switch turns green and then returns to the game world. Done, you have Minecraft rays on your Xbox Series X | S.

If you assume that if you intend to enable this without combining a hosted session on a PC with the enabled resource packs, you will not be able to enable the radio stio switch in the configuration menu.

It’s a little dark, but if you want to enjoy the realistic effects of shadows and light in your world of blocks on Xbox consoles, this is the only way right now.

Given that the ray tracing computer is now appearing in the preview compilation of Minecraft, there is of course a good chance that it will soon be implemented in the normal version of the game on Xbox consoles.

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