How to get MGP fast during the Make It Rain FFXIV event

FFXIV Haz que llueva The event is back on the cards in June and promises new rewards for some and a big boost for those who want to dig out articles that have cost them years. Our It is FFXIV The event guide describes some quick ways to earn MGP during the campaign. You will still have to work hard, but pay attention to the tips later to speed things up.

Final Fantasy XIV has a series of seasonal events that reward players with valuable items such as clothes, watches, sweaters and more. One of these seasonal events is the Make It Rain campaign, an annual event that, unlike other seasonal events, is not covered by any actual festivities. In return, it has Manderville Gold Saucer as its theme.

To get more FFXIV tips, our analysis of how to get Chewy minion might be interesting if you are looking for similar family members in MGP. Similarly, the FFXIV Garo event is on its way and promises great armor and mounts to those competing in PVP. This is another routine to check if you have the stomach for it.

Campaign Have What Happened – Calendar

The Make It Rain campaign runs from June 3 to 20, 2022. During that time, it will receive 50 percent more MGP each time it wins. Instead of buying MGP for Gil, that is.

Campaign What’s Happening – Event and Rewards

To participate, the only requirement is to have the gold bowl unlocked. To do so, perform the following search:

The large back of the heart

  • Minimum level: 15
  • Location: Ul’dah – Pasos de Nald (x: 9.4, x: 9.2)
  • PNJ: Ollier
  • Players must also complete one of the following missions in the main scene: “The Envoy of Gridanian”, “The Envoy of Ul’dahn” or “The Envoy of Lominsan”.

Once the hay is unlocked, you can tune in with aetherye in The Gold Saucer to unlock a teleport that you will find at the Thanalan party.

How to get MGP fast in Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re hoping to gather enough MGP to buy one of the best exhibits, maps, paintings, exhibits or gestures during the Make It Rain campaign, it’s literally worth knowing how to maximize your efforts at Gold Saucer. Here are some tips.

Join the Fashion Report

Even if you do not reach 100 full points, the weekly Fashion Report offers more MGP than most other activities at once. 60,000 MGP is the usual rule for a small effort here, with a 50% increase during the Make It Rain campaign that really marks the difference.

To make things even easier, let’s make a chronicle of today’s answers in our Fashion Report guide this week. All you have to do is put on your clothes.

Has Mini Cactpot

With three coupons available to you every day, these small and fun quick and easy cards generally offer a maximum payout of 30,000 MGP to the lucky players who manage to break the magic numbers.

An increase of 50 percent will give you an additional payment of a maximum of 210,000 MGP over two weeks. It will never happen, but it’s good to think about it.

Perform GATE

GATE is by far the best form of high-speed MGP accumulation. These events appear every 20 minutes, and while some are not that big and require luck to get many of them, some, like Leap of Faith and Air Force One, are purely miniature-centric skills that can give your Gold Saucer- ticket a good boost in limited time. It’s worth the pain to do them all, but these two in particular are worth the pain of keeping them.

Disappointment registers

Another great way to get a great MGP boost in every rein is to quickly delete the Gold Saucer section of the bug registry. All you have to do is participate in mini-games that generally work in some way. And if you go to the Chocobo Race floor in the building and play with the collection of minijuegos, you will also read the maintenance section of the register with speed.

chocobos race

Although there is a system deeply loaded for those who are really on the go, you can get a great amount of MGP, including with just a few fights in the Chocobo Racing minivan.

You should not worry too much about winning if you have not played before. You arrive on time, but participation is what matters in the first place. A lot of bonuses for the first time will present you with the amount you send your chicken through its various tracks.

What are the rarest Gold Saucer rewards?

The Fenrir bracket, added many years ago with the gold plate, continues to be one of the clearest examples of an adventure that has just enjoyed its share of Thanalan’s best entertainment area. Without embargo, it is not the only very expensive reward. This is what you should look for during the Make It Rain campaign:

  • mounts
    • Fenrir (1 million pops)
    • Saboteador Emperador (2m pop)
    • Korpokkur Kolossus (750k pop)
    • Archone Throne (750k MGP)
    • Capsule 602
    • Adamantoise (200,000 pop)

We add henchmen, maps, moves and more to this list as the event progresses. Just be sure to consult all vendors on the main square to find something to work on. Even with an MGP heart rate of 50 percent, the routine can be extended if you do not find something you really want. Apunta, then it disappears.

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