How to get MetaMask back from your bank account

MetaMask is a central ethereum ticket that comes with many benefits. But I know certain methods withdraw from the metamascara to a bank account?

The expansion of the MetaMask NFT service has also helped the ticket buyer gain more momentum by allowing users to send and save NFT.

Soon, the ticket will also launch a MetaMask and DAO token with the intention of expanding its range of services further.

In addition, the ticket plays a fundamental role in facilitating cross-transfers of cryptography between different blockchains, including the MetaMask polygon and Uniswap MetaMask.

Let’s take a look at how users can get MetaMask back into a bank account.

To withdraw MetaMask funds and send them to a bank account, the user must:

  • First, it sends money from MetaMask to a digital exchange such as Binance or Coinbase.
  • Sell ​​your cryptocurrency funds in exchange for some fiduciary currencies such as USD or EUR.
  • Once you have received the trustee money, you can transfer this money directly to your bank account that is locked with your Binance.

To withdraw MetaMask funds from Pay Pal, a user must:

  • First send the cryptographic funds to a cryptographic exchange such as Binance or Coinbase
  • Click the configuration option
  • Select the option to add payment method
  • Enter the credentials for your Paypal account
  • Click on your PayPal account
  • Click the arrow that appears in the activity category and select the cryptocurrency you want to drag
  • Copy the displayed ethereum address
  • Open your MetaMask ticket and follow that address
  • Select Confirm (to send your money)
  • Currently the site for its exchange and verification of Ethereum / funds is there.
  • Click on the purchase option and enter the amount you want to sell
  • Select the account you want to withdraw money from. In this case, select PayPal
  • Review all the details before pressing the send button.
  • Enter PayPal and confirm the amount you received through your exchange.

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