How to get Lazy Gem (XP Share) and win Battle of Wits

Training your group in a monster domination game is not always the most fun. Unfortunately, there are ways to make that process a little faster in this case. Here it is how to get the lazy gem and win the battle of Ingenio in Coromon.

How to get lost echo (XP Share) in Coromon

See the library in Hayville, the first important city to enter after leaving the Lux Solis campus. The library is located on the site’s porch in the center of town. It opens when they’re found the gentleman, Perrin, and he wants to take your handkerchief with him to work with him.

Coromon Hayville Library

Once inside the library, go straight to the exit and then go up to the second floor. Talk to an NPC with a pile of books in his head called Jebediah. You will be distracted by a questionnaire called Battle of Wits where you have to answer 17 questions. Answer 12 correctly to get the lazy gem.

All the answers from Batalla de ingenio

Jebediah will have 17 questions in random order, but the answers will always be the same. Here is the complete list:

questions Reply
Coaches can not claim Coromon property belonging to another coach. Safe
Ghost is very effective against … phantom
Veneno is very effective against … normal
How many types are there? 13
Normal is very effective against … Nothing
A coach will frustrate you in a match. You Accept
File 3, column 1 File 3, column 2
How many Coromones do you know that are currently found in Velua? 114
How many types can be found on Velua? 13
Water is very effective against … Fire
The speed statistics of a Coromon determine its Critical Golf probability. False
The air is very efficient against … Fire
How many variations of potential value are there? 21
Coromon of different potential differs only in appearance. False
Damage damage is always determined by attack statistics. False
The fire is very effective against … Ice
Cut is very effective against … Electric

What causes the echo to perish

The Lazy Gem is a retention element that allows Coromon to generate a small percentage of XP even when it is not fighting. This is the perfect object to learn Coromon early, so be careful not to lose as you pass through this first city. Losing it can make you move and level up your squadron is much more dangerous.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the lazy gem and complete the battle of Ingenio in Coromon. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver for more information on the game if you need more advice.

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