how to get it is a cool strategy odds (easy trick)

I found a way to easily achieve this feat without winning the race.

It’s a great strategic performance guide

How to win without a win

This achievement requires you to win a Rallycross race while having a good return on each return. But there is an easy way to do it during the elimination races without really winning.

Step 1

See custom championships, make a rallycross championship. An event, 2 rounds for eliminators and easy opponents.

Step 2

Complete the first three eliminators as usual, taking only one return of the required comodín. Do your best and win the first three eliminators (or get at least as many points as you can. My rating was 2nd, 1st, 1st and that was enough).

Step 3

In the fourth elimination run, there is a comodín return with two rounds. You will probably lose some time and get bad results, but due to getting good points in the previous three races, your total points should be enough to be among the first 12 (I was a quarter). Even if you technically do not win the race here, you get this advantage, because the game that reaches the semifinals is for some reason a victory.

Take the joker on each turn in a race, and duck.

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