how to get it and where to use it

Another update for Final Fantasy XIV has arrived and I have offered another currency option. This time it is the new currency FFXIV Aglaia.

Coins come from Aglaia Raids, which arrive at park 6.1, and form the first part of Myths of the Realm. We’ll see how to get them and what to use them now that Final Fantasy has to hide things at its levels and get players working hard to discover the items and the money they need.

The Aglaia currency in question also comes with other rewards and can be earned in a certain way.

What are the Aglaia currencies in FFXIV?

So what are these mysterious Aglaia coins? Described as “artifacts destroyed by age”, can be found from the Aglaia region. The money is rewarded by the Aglaia intrusion, which is quite prestigious as the level 90 intrusion.

The money can be used to improve the equipment, especially the improved Tomestone Gear, which is based on brilliant materials; more on this in a moment.

How to get the currency FFXIV Aglaia

The only right way to get these Aglaia money laundering is to end Aglaia’s intrusion. These are unlocked to complete the missions on the main stage of Newfound Adventure, especially Brother’s Grief mission after completing Alzadala’s legacy.

Only Newfound Adventure missions are available after completing all of Endwalker’s main missions, so be sure to work on them! The second mission of these, the Realm of the Gods, unlocks the intrusion of Aglaia.

These whims are meant for large teams, so it is advisable to gather as many as possible to confront the boss. In addition, keep some free space in your warehouse, on the contrary, the currency will not be able to be added automatically when the execution ends.

Consider that money is made by a whim and that players can earn one per week. The weekly Christmas is every Tuesday. Once Aglaia is completed, you can no doubt also earn another reward each week: two bred Anthoclusters.

Where to use the Aglaia currency in FFXIV

Now that you have some money in your hands, what can you use it for? Aglaia coins can be exchanged with Nesvaaz, in Radz-at-Han. It is used to buy items to improve the equipment, that is, items purchased with Allagan Tomestones or Astronomical Tomestones.

Ask about the rarities out of this world: these include Radiant Twine and Radiant Clothing, which are used to enhance the Tomestone Gear mentioned above.

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