How to get gold fast in MultiVersus

If you want to start unlocking some of your favorite characters in MultiVersus, you’ll want to win some gold. Unblocking luchadores like Batman and Shaggy is absolutely necessary. Si eres nuevo en el juego y quieres un poco de ayuda, así es como Consigue oro rápido en MultiVersus.

In this MultiVersus guide we will see some ways to get gold faster than usual. There are algunos métodos differentes para probar, lo que garantia que pueda commensar a cumular dinero sin importar la frecuencia con la que juegue.

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¿Cómo consigo gold rapid en MultiVersus?

The main way to get gold in MultiVersus is to play games. Puede echo sounder simple, but a juego ofrece una gama de dinero solo for superar las peleas. Si estás jugando al mejor de tres, cada ronda te da nueve monedas, con otras nueve como bonificación por victoria. Puede que no suene mucho al principio, but se acumurarán a medira que juegues más.

Likewise, you will win gold at subir de nivel en varios attributes. Every time you upgrade your profile, you get a bonus of 100 gold. In addition to that, the gold is offered as a free reward in the battle pass, as well as a progression reward in the individual leveling tree for each character. El nivel cinco de la progression de cada personaje te da 100 de oro, por lo que vale la pena hacerlo.

Other than that, the only other way to get gold fast in MultiVersus is to complete the dedicated missions. When you start a session for the first time in the game, there are seven initial missions, which go from playing some games to going through the configuration menu. Overcoming all of that will net you miles of gold, which is enough to go out and buy a character of your choice.

Apart from that, you can also complete the daily missions which restart every 24 hours. El rendido de oro es menor aquí, but absolutely se acumula si juegas regulare.

However, there is no way to buy extra gold using Gleamium, the premium currency in MultiVersus. Tendrás que buscar oro para comprar nuevos personajes y abilidades, a menos que compres el Paquete de Fundador y obtengas fichas unbloqueo.

That’s it for our look at how to get gold fast in MultiVersus! If you want to have a good experience, you can see our list of levels of MultiVersus to see a classified cada luchador.

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