How to get Darkrai in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl

Nintendo and Game Freak are finally completing the addition of methods to bring all the legendary Pokémon and magic into Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Don’t worry, fans of the old school in the west of Sinnoh, Nintendo is not going to torture us again by avoiding some. In this guide we will review how to get darkrai in pokemon brilliant diamonds and brilliant pearls.

Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl: How to Get Darkrai

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Darkrai is one of the most powerful and friendly Pokémon in the series’ history; surely the smallest among the darker types are the strongest that exist. After all, there is darkness in his name.

Unfortunately, it’s not as difficult to get Darkrai as Arceus, who also has an active event and has a pretty long list of requirements to get it. Darkrai must see with time.

To achieve Darkrai in Pokémon Diamond Brilliant and Pokémon Perla Reluciente, you must first enter the Hall of Fame (also known as the Elite Four and Champion) and then receive the National Dex. Once these slots are checked, open Mystery Gift between April 1st and 30th (or as Nintendo says, between the new months) and receive the membership card. The membership card is the key element you need to meet Darkrai.

With the membership card, go to the Locked Inn in Canalave City and exit on Newmoon Island, where you can go ahead and fight Darkrai with the aim of capturing him. Save the game in advance if things do not go well!

If you have problems, remember that Fairy and Fighting Pokemon are effective in dealing with powerful dark attacks and receive 50% less damage.

That’s all you need to know how to get darkrai in pokemon brilliant diamonds and brilliant pearls. For more tips, tricks and answers to frequently asked questions, see our BDSP wiki guide.

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