How to get a reflective FFXIV pen in the park 6.1

One element that has been exposed to some Final Fantasy XIV players in the last park is the hidden FFXIV reflective pen, and with good reason: these barriers in particular have a complicated way of achieving them. No topics, our guide is here to help you get an FFXIV flashlight pen to unlock your Alkonost aviar bracket.

These fun friends have been introduced to the new park 6.1 and can be mounted. There are some limitations to this; can not be used in the new way JcJ Conflicto Cristalino, nor in some previous ones, due to spatial constraints. Also, if you are working on a collection of mounts, you will need a lot of brilliant feathers to add another to your registry.

If you feel a little lost and can not unlock new content from the new update, our FFXIV 6.1 mission placement page is here to help you. From the content of Savage to the new trial version of Unreal, we will also guide it in the right direction.

How to get FFXIV reflective pen

Getting an airy feather is the hard part. First attention here, there are already some steps.

The first thing to do is get the maps of the Kumbhiraskin tax. These can be found as ‘Spent Kumbhiraskin Maps’ inside glass bottles with level 90 collection points, but you can also buy other players.

You can only collect one card each day, but you can participate in as many as you want with other players.

Considering that you can buy them at the market table, you can of course technically perform as much as you can pay in a day. Ultimately, you will have to rely on luck when looking for the exclusive FFXIV reflective pen, but the more cards you have, the more options you have as well.

Simply set the rules for the button before jumping to help with a friend’s card if you’re hoping to share your rewards. If you can not pull through the button in the last compartment of the treasure chest, you will not get a reflective FFXIV pen, even if you find one, at least the tablets on the market table at exorbitant prices.

Where can I get a map of Kumbhiraskin?

Some players have reported reliable places to find Timeworn Kumbhiraskin maps. Here are some places where you can check the maps of Kumbhiraskin regardless of your meeting class:

  • Seld Lake, Gyr Abania – There are three level 90 underwater fishing hubs to test in this ancient Stormblood area.
  • Ultima Thule: Botanists and miners should have no trouble finding level 90 nodes on this last search location.

Once you have found these drained tax cards, apply the Decrypt action to them. This extracts the map correctly so that it can be read, believing in maps of the Kumbhiraskin treasure. Then follow the map!

Rejoice with your friends and get ready to fight Resplendent Feathers. Since they are needed to get one of the new and more popular screens, everyone wants one but only one person gets it.

All rooms at the Excitatron house groups of monsters. Click and you will be able to select a door to open. Choose the right one and you will go to the next floor but choose the wrong one and you will be banished with nothing but the button you found on the way.

The plumes will be found as buttons, generally in the last room or area on the map, and in a box. There are waves of enemies on these maps, so it is advisable to gather a strong group before starting and simply hope for the best.

What good is a reflective pen in FFXIV?

Now that the search and reading of maps is out of the way and has gathered some feathers, it is time to use them.

You can use three explosive feathers to unlock the Alkonost bracket that appeared with the 6.1 Park. Go to Radz-at-Han and find in Nesvaaz. They will sell you Silbato Alkonost. Use it only from your warehouse to attach the bracket to its assembly.

For more Final Fantasy XIV guides, here’s how we think the FFXIV 7.0 update might be. 6.0 heart ends a decade of saga, and with 6.1 slowly introducing new stories, speculation about 7.0 abounds.

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