How to Find Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator – Where’s Knuckles?

Sonic Roblox’s official gameplay is getting bigger and better every day, and one of the latest updates has added Echidna, everyone’s favorite red emerald hunter, as a playable character. So how do you get Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator? But go fast and get to high places, that’s how it is. Follow the legend to find out exactly where you can find Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator to unlock the threat itself.

Knuckles launched the Sonic Speed ​​Simulator on April 23rd. It’s one of the four aspects so far (two of which are different versions of Sonic) that technically converts you to the lowest of all, as you can unlock the Epic Sonic Riders aspect with the latest Sonic Speed Simulator codes.

For more information on this Roblox game in particular, we’ve also detailed how to unlock Sonic in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. The mask page does not tell you how, you just have to find them yourself, so we also detail where you can find the blue ice so you do not play a Sonic game like your Roblox avatar.

Where’s Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator? – How to find noodles

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator:

Step et

You’ll find the Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Knuckles unlock card in Emerald Hill, the game’s third zone. To get there, complete the Lost Valley foyer in the Green Hill Zone, travel through this area to the Emerald Hill foyer, and then climb high up in the Emerald Hill zone.

Second step

When you are in the Emerald Hill area, you will try to cross the small bridge of trunks on the floor. Eventually you will see a small platform with a torpedo tree. Jump to the platform and place on the edge further to the exit and you should see a resort in a wooden tower right in front.

Step three

Use your search jump to reach it and get it to take you to the floating islands. From here, you can see that Knuckles is unlocked to the right of the two XP circles in the distance. Jump to the expander machine, go through the button, and a speed boost platform will take you straight to where you will find Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. It’s easy.

step four

Getting to level 100 (renewal of two) would have to speed up more than enough to run and jump to this point so you can unlock the Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator fast enough.

Once you have unlocked Knuckles, you can select it as your playable character through the People menu.

And that’s all you need to know to unlock Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. If you have especially tasted this Roblox charm, check out our Pet Simulator X value list to see how deep that conejo agujero goes. It’s not as fast as the Blue Blur game, but it has an equally satisfying routine. You will also find links to all types of Pet Simulator X guides to help you in the early stages.

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