How to find and save the referendum in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Although there is a hack n ‘slash game in the background, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes uses a strategy system that is robust enough to add the necessary depth to the traditional musou formula. Without a doubt, sometimes things can get lost in the heat of it all: how to know how to find and save the referendum.

This problem is probably limited to the referendum. There are several missions in the game where you are assigned the task of helping a character or overthrowing it. But if it seems like you can not see them on the map, do not despair: you are not doing anything wrong.

Before we get into the good stuff, we should mention our review of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. While it is likely that you have already played, if you are reading this, it is also good to listen to others’ opinions about the game.

How to find and save the referendum in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

If you have the chance to save the referendum in a Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes mission, you may have problems. We will do it. There is one mission in particular where the referendum lasts no more than a few minutes without your divine intervention.

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But you can not find them on the map. If this sounds like you, you do not lose your head: you are just a victim of the intricate tutorials in the game that are too harsh, and you just capture more information from your brain to the size displayed on the screen.

So instead of looking at the map for the referendum, it’s time to look around the battlefield. If you can not see the referendum on the map, it is because you have not found it yet.

To do this quickly, open the tactical map with the + button and order your troops to disperse. Send each one to another advanced or stronghold position, and let them concentrate on one side of the map while making an insane run around the other.

Due to the extra stones in the field, you should be able to meet the referendum in a very short time. And once that happens, it appears on the map so everyone can see it. Not only is this great for tracking them, but it also means you can easily issue commands so your troops can stop, defend, and accompany them wherever they go.

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If you have other things to take care of, keep some in the defense and others attack the soldiers stronger than the rodean. After all, if the referendum died, the game was over.

Of course, this method works for some missions. Sometimes you will need to hit the archers or magicians before they cause serious damage, but they will not always appear on the map until you have explored the area where they are found. It’s just a matter of reaching out, extending and meeting them before they reach their goal.

For more information on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, visit our section dedicated to the game. We will give you many more guides out there as time goes on, so keep reviewing.

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