How to Deliver a Tank to an Advanced Position Seven in Chapter 3, Season 2

Now that we’re in the third resistance mission in season 2, you should accumulate XP. This time, instead of destroying, we are busy delivering a tank to an advanced station of seven.

As you no doubt know, to begin this search, we refer you to “Establish a rising link to the device near Command Cavern”.

There are three places around Command Cavern to find the audio register you need:

Fortnite Establish Uplink Command Cavern Quest Objective device

How to deliver a tank to an advanced position seven

The dot at the bottom right is the light enough distance from the Command Cavern so that it can be heard once the audio register for the hologram has been taken. Will be located here:

Fortnite hologram sound register

Its new goal of “Delivering a tank to an advanced position seven” offers exactly the same options as when you created a rising link to the device in the previous search.

Fortnite Deliver Tank Quest objectives

Considering that you have just completed the mission of destroying a tank to get the armor pieces, you know exactly where to go to find an easy one. For those who have not followed our own method, you can find an occupied tank on the south side of the Daily Bugle.

Fortnite, Daily Bugle tank location

This works perfectly taking into account the seven advanced position just northeast of this tank. So drink and live. You should have no problems with IO forces, but it’s better to just go somewhere to start fighting them.

As you get closer, the advanced position should look like this:

Fortnite Seven Outpost delivery tank

You do not have to park the tank or drive it to any particular place, within walking distance of Seven advanced station the mission will be completed.

That’s all you need to know how to deliver a tank to a forward position seven.

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