How to connect MetaMask to Etherscan Aug 25, 2022

MetaMask se har convertedi en una de las billeteras cryptográficas ledes que brinda amples servicios cryptográficos a sus usuarios. But it is also compatible Metamáscara Etherscan ¿Enlaces?

The user interface and features of MetaMask allow users to collect personal tokens and send crypto to exchanges and other wallets. Aside from the obvious, MetaMask is ready to establish its DAO and token to evolve.

But do you already have an interaction with MetaMask with Etherscan? Si no es así, averigüémoslo a contado.

First, MetaMask cannot connect to Etherscan, as Etherscan is an independent analytics platform. A major misconception is that Etherscan is involved in transactions, but it simply tracks activity in the chain of blocks.

Sin embargo, to verify the transaction history of your wallet, simply enter the address of your wallet in Etherscan to confirm the status of your transactions and history.

Alternatively, the MetaMask transaction option should also open automatically using Etherscan.

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No, los usuarios pueden usar cualquier billetera criptográfica, because the process is not directly linked to Etherscan.

To use Etherscan, a user must enter their verified cryptographic address in the platform’s search field to access transaction details.

Sin embargo, los usuarios también pueden crear sus propias cuentas independientes en Etherscan para acceder a funciones premium. These include the ability to verify the hash of the transaction, the number of blocks in which the transaction was recorded, the address of the sender and receiver, gas prices and more.

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is a popular block chain explorer that gives users access to details of their cryptographic transactions in the Ethereum block chain.

The platform is called a comprehensive public depository of transactions in the chain of blocks, which helps users verify pending and confirmed transactions.

A menudo, certain transactions sent through MetaMask or any other cryptographic wallet do not immediately appear in the recipient’s cryptographic wallet.

This can cause panic among people and force them to check whether their transactions were processed or not.

Etherscan results useful in situations like these where users can enter the address of their wallet to authenticate the status of their pending/confirmed transactions.

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