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Chapter 3 of Fortnite continues to burn, and the new Fortnite covered operational missions is the last example of this. This new set of goals has a lot to offer, including some new rhythms from the story, as well as many rewards to collect. Fortunately, we are here to pack everything you need to know about the new set of missions.

In this Fortnite guide, we will explore what Covert Ops’ missions are and the specific goals and circumstances that must be met if you are to complete them. We will also review the rewards earned for doing so, as well as the launch dates for each mission line, because not everyone is available at the same time.

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What are the missions for Fortnite’s covered operations?

As part of the course history within Fortnite, these Covert Ops missions are a set of new goals for a limited time. In line with the growing popularity of Zero Build mode, these missions can only be completed on that playlist, from April 22nd.

In a few words, it’s a lot of missions where new goals are unlocked every few days. The first one arrives as mentioned on April 22, and then new missions are expected on days 26, 28 and 30. If you manage to complete all the objectives before the missions expire, you will get an exclusive top for your problems.

Without restrictions, it is not as easy as simply completing a mission phase and earning a reward. In return, there is a preliminary goal and then a main goal, which means you have to work a little harder if you want all the rewards offered.

How do you complete Fortnite’s covered operational missions?

Given that only the first set of Fortnite Covert Ops missions are available, these are the only ones we can unpack right now. Be sure to review the aforementioned dates to see what new goals you need to meet if you want all the rewards.

Quest 1 requires that a rising device link be established in Zero Build mode. This is something that players will become familiar with if they have completed Rift’s main missions since Chapter 3 began. There are many ascending link points broken down by map, especially in competing areas like Tilted Towers. Simply direct one of these, hold down the action button, and the second set of tasks will be unlocked.

This second goal requires you to eliminate ten enemy players in Zero Build modes. Keep in mind that this only includes real opponents, so the NPCs from IO Forces that you find on the map do not count.

But once the other targets are brought to Fortnite, we will update this guide to inform them.

What is the reward of Fortnite Covert Ops Quest?

Each of the four phases of the Covert Ops missions gives you 30,000 XP. It’s not a huge amount, but it will definitely help you move on to the battlefield and reach level 100.

Combined with the natural XP that will unlock these reasonably essential goals, it will then end up embedding XP for the value of a level on its journey. Beyond that, if you manage to complete all four stages, you can unlock an exclusive top for your problems. However, it does not appear that there is any compensation in addition.

That’s all for our look at the new Fortnite Covert Ops mission! There are many XP in the game, if you are immersed in these goals, be sure to summarize and complete them to the extent they come, to avoid having to deal with too many overwhelming goals to solve. Why not meet them with the new Fortnite Coachella hosts to bring the festive atmosphere to the success of Battle Royale?

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