How to complete Chasm Delvers Quest

Tea Message excavators apply Impact Genshin task players with find three numbers from Uncle’s Paradise I. In this guide we will show you where to find each one of them.

Where to find clues in Uncle Hes paradise

  • When you first arrive at Abismo, work with the NPC and then head to the first reference point marked on the map with a yellow circle.

    There is a powdery pegajosa fabric on the corner next to the rock and some boxes right next to it. The first track is at the top of the boxes here.

    genshin impact tío él sporer places

  • Then go down the abyss and drive to the point on the route further north.

    Look for a Lumenstone blue lane and you will find the second track stuck on the side of a box here.

    genshin impact tío él sporer places

  • Finally drive to the last point on the route and you will meet some treasure hunters.

    Turn around and look for a barracks next to another Lumenstone antorcha. The following track is inside a box route just on this page.

    genshin impact tío él sporer places

  • Once you have three tracks at Uncle He’s location, go back with Jinwu and inform about what you found on the tracks. Now you get the next goal in the mission, which will lead you to the exploration team camp.

    For more tips, tricks, and instructions for the Genshin Impact 2.6 update, be sure to consult the instructions further.

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